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I play:

NT-ROBO 486 (Formerly NT-A)
(Previously an Android, it has recently been 'Upgraded' to a modern Robotic Computing Circuit. While it now lacks the ability of complex thought, it has been improved in multiple other ways.)

You see what seems to be a Robotic model before you. It looks very minimal but polished, mostly an Endoskeletal vibe with a new coat of paint. It'd have added plating and the regular core Modules as normal. It sounds very Monotone. It'd have writing on the center panel, "Now Improved!" Could be seen in bold.

Starting at the Chassis headplate, the optical sensors shine a blue, glowing light. The Opticals would be very visible in darkness, though they wouldn't emit much light beyond a glow. It could be distracting for onlookers, but never blinding.

Below the headplate, the 'Shoulders' of the Endoskeleton and some of the 'Lower body' have been re-enforced with Steel plating. This plating is usually replaced at the end of the Units work-cycle, or in the event of extreme damage. It's Spray-painted with bright colors depending on the Units current designation.

As for movement, the Unit has a pair of relatively light high-traction treads, very resistant to displacement, unless pulled. It tends to make little noise, one of the few boons of the model.

Elsewhere, on the front of the Unit, below the plating, it would have writing on the center panel, symbolising the Unit model and callsign: NT ROBOT 27-NT-U-486

When it speaks, it is rather monotone, hinting that the on-board Voice Modulator is also less-than-current.
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