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  1. I've had some... acceptable interactions with mark's character. though mark was quite memey, i've seen good RP and crew interactions from BC, and i don't doubt he knows this server and RP well enough to play and handle the pressure /and power/ being a head gives you. +1
  2. do you always feel the need to use some snarky remark as an argument?
  3. It's heavily reliant on brute damage to the limb. actually when you have too much brute damage you hear it crack, and have to redo it. there's just a general chance you'll "set the bone in the WRONG PLACE"
  4. actually setting a bone has a chance to fail too
  5. so, instead of actually fixing near immediately having your lungs popped in a vacuum, we should all just inject dexalin plus into our cigars incase we get vented?
  6. so you're saying that this is a problem because it doesn't fit your playstyle?
  7. a different law would be better to be handled by the HoS than the RD, because otherwise the RD can decide by himself wether a law is suitable for the integrity of the station. the HoS needs to go over the security of the employees.
  8. oh boy if i could stop a drunk person fucking everything over without being targeted by the space FBI...
  9. i mean captains should have all access, but i'd need a pretty darn good reason for them to do it. i don't just let captains do that stuff, especially if they're no doctor. i've seen that happen so many times...
  10. you're suggesting making the corridor smaller? i've had some problems getting people into viro with the 3 tile wide corridors before i'm just imagining... hngr
  11. for the usual amount of medbay staff, and the little usage of the staff room, switching them seems good
  12. It will also check for command whitelist status before allowing the points to be spent As an antag, spending research points would be kind of a dick move. But if someone manages to do it then thats a matter for the administration. All actions and expenditures will be logged and revertible. Admins can decide whether or not to void the purchase what if you check the spending after the round, and check for antag intervention? if something happened because of antags, you undo it.
  13. walk speed now is faster than run speed. i do agree on the crawling part tho. i've wanted that for a while.
  14. Our overlords have likely seen this and deemed it not worthy of their time. All hail the leaders. All hail the leaders. All hail the leaders. All hail the leaders. All hail the leaders. All hail the leaders. All hail the leaders. All hail the leaders. All hail the leaders. All hail the leaders. dude jfc that link. no.
  15. dont worryyy, partial spending is in. if you want X and don't have enough, you can throw everything you have so far at it and pay the rest at a later time i think they ment if one RD shows up, and then spends all RMP at once.
  16. why would you even do that? i mean IC is kinda stupid and all but to a PM?
  17. icy_dew

    Fax Machines.

    you could need an ID lock to contact CC, but freedom for the other fax machines on station.
  18. also, as a suggestion, you could make an eye augment that shows you more details about certain items when examining, for example examining doors will give you info wether they're powered on, are electrified or bolted A la dead space
  19. i haven't played fallen london (yet), but i absolutely adore sunless sea, it's really great.
  20. i suggest making this into a 50/50 chance to replace nar'sie cult in cult rounds
  21. or, yknow, check your math to see if you're just in a small chance situation wherein you have had ninja alot lately.
  22. i don't think you can quite taste protein. correct me if i'm wrong.
  23. oh yes this is great. i don't see anything wrong with this, if it just gets some more work done on it
  24. well, okay, that might happen in ruins you haven't been to for 100 years. okay. but we're all speaking realism now right? so why the fuck would anyone who sees a mouse pull out a fucking gun and shoot the mouse, or even throw a hatchet at them?
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