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  1. matt sucks

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    2. Scheveningen


      😞My dad can beat democracy, just like he beat me. 

    3. Mofo1995


      laughs in senate.

      I love democracy!

    4. MattAtlas


      Good day. Cyberballing happens here. Yesterday there was an armed conflict with the player. I think that I have been unfairly charged and have already appealed him on the forum. Today, I calmly play, I play my role qualitatively, but this little child, having felt his impunity and that the administrators support him (why?) now I’m preventing me from playing normally without any RP. He just going to req, point to me and spam laughs. Before that, he threw a fire extinguisher at me. Just withou any reason. Seriously? Is just already seriously amorally. I just can't play anymore. Give him a ban finally please.


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