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  1. My favourite IC drama was when I was playing a security cadet, and the department was chasing someone who walked out without serving a brig sentence as was initially intended. An officer gave chase, and I lagged a bit behind due to suddenly getting caught by a crowd.

    Later, when I would ask where the officer and the escapee went to, it was in cargo maintenance. Eventually my cadet caught up, and an Unathi engineer was tearing and clawing into the escapee's skull. I reported it as excessive use of force as well as the officer's failure to curb the vigilantism.

    I recall my cadet reporting that to at least two rungs in the chain of command and nobody cared, in spite of the fuss my cadet raised over it. Equal parts absurd and funny.

    1. Lmwevil


      good one, unathi moment and sec moment - then a command lazy moment

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