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  1. The various "grades" of RP on SS13 are a shorthand. A mnemonic to communicate intent and expectations without getting into the nitty gritty of it.

    As long as we remain more concerned with enforcing RP standards than most of the MRP and LRP servers, we can easily be classed as HRP.

    Because it's all relative.

    Also due to this, there's no real check list or requirements list for a server to be HRP, even relatively. Which is how you end up with all HRP servers being different flavours and experiences of HRP: they focus on different aspects of roleplay, and accomplish roleplay in different ways.

    Aurora's main focus is to be a roleplay server with antags. Roleplay in our context means roleplaying as a person within our universe. And our universe is pretty whacky and zany at times.

    And summarily. Any debate debate about us not being heavy RP enough to call ourselves HRP is kinda moot. As long as we focus more on RP than Bee and Tg's Manuel, we're good. The focus of any such debate should instead be shifted onto whether or not we're focusing on roleplay aspects that interest our community and playerbase.

    DND games are roleplaying games: you play a role. Set in a weird ass medieval-type setting. No one expects to roleplay as a medieval peasant trying not to die of famin as he's forced to give his last grain away to his lord. Everyone wants to be a mystical knight or some other interesting character. Per this, in our setting, you're a (perhaps not the most typical) employee on a station where crazy and stupid shit happens, in a universe where crazy and stupid shit definitely happens.


    Thank you for coming to my TEDx talk.

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