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  1. Huenererschrecker

    Add a stomach pump to the sleepers

    Instead of doing it that way, just make it so that a pump very quickly drains nutrition from the body. Less punishing, a bit more realistic than creating toxin damage and can possibly be used for chef shenanigans.
  2. Huenererschrecker

    Incident Report 23/11/2460

    Reporting Personnel: Jose Nicholas Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Atmospheric Technician Game ID: bXO-dBhC Personnel Involved: (Name, Job Title: Offender/Witness/Other) - Cassy Hendricks, Cargo Technician: Offender - Naomi Marlowe, Engineer: Offender/Victim - Calanthia Basinger, Visitor: Witness - Paul Grunnus, Barkeeper: Witness - Uwasv Sidanelv, Engineer: Witness Time of Incident: Around 05:30 Stationtime for the first incident, the second one is unknown Real Time: GMT 01:28 15/12/18 as of writing this, incidents happened roughly an hour before that. Location of Incident: Bar/Unknown Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [ ] - Neglect of Duty [ X ] - Harassment [ X ] - Assault [ ] - Misconduct [ ] - Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.) Overview of the Incident: During a break in the shift, both Cassy and Naomi met in the bar, which resulted in Naomi being rude to Cassy who then retaliated. At first I through this was playful but soon enough Cassy has thrown a hot enough drink into Naomis face that burned some of her face. A Barfight between the two was about to break out but me and security presence stopped it from escalating. When the security personal was gone, the situation escalated again by Cassy throwing a tomato at Naomi, dirtying her clothes. I had to pull Naomi away from her to stop a barfight from happening. I'd like to note here that both partys are at fault here with noone being above the other. Later in the shift, Naomi has gone missing, presumably to fix structural damage that the station had suffered from. However, as it turns out, Naomi and Cassy both meet up again. I was not there but the end result was that Cassy broke Naomis rips by wailing at her with a flashlight. Apparently a security officer was watching this and did nothing. I don't know of this is true as Naomi couldn't tell me the name of that person. Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: See Actions taken Actions taken: The issue was reported to security after the second assault by Naomi Marlowe, it is however unclear if any actions have been taken because of this as it was a stressful shift. It is unclear if the message went up to the command personal as this was likely seen as a minor event. I am therefore writing this incident to make sure that actions are being taken. Additional Notes: I am writing this despite Naomi not wanting this to make an issue. However, incidents like this are no joke and could easily be repeated.
  3. Huenererschrecker

    Hot drinks for the Bar

    Add an option to get hot liquids out of (cyborg) drink dispensers so that we don't have to keep drinking lukewarm coffee/tea. Alternatively, add something like a stove to the bar to heat up liquids, much like how chemistry can heat things up.
  4. Huenererschrecker

    ID Visibility

    It's a mechanical thing. If you don't want to show your name because you're an antag wearing a mask or whatever you gotta take your ID off. That in turn hinders you from opening doors that your ID gives access to unless you hold the ID in your selected hand. Hiding the ID could just be fluffed as putting it in your pocket or whatever while it stays in the ID slot mechanicly. So yes, I'd like that.
  5. Huenererschrecker

    Rolling Papers

    Said papers could (and should in my opinion) be able to be brought from cigarette machines, along with dried up tabacco (or whatever you want to use to make legitimate cigarettes).
  6. Huenererschrecker

    [1 Dismissal] Delete/Bin This Please

    There are at least 4 consoles where you can check the health page (CMO, Medbay Lobby, Paramedics Office, Bridge) + AI itself (and maybe anotherone if you grab a medical labtop). Blowing all of those up would take a while but I can confirm that the health monitoring goes down when telecoms goes down. So yeah, what you want it already possible.
  7. Huenererschrecker

    Maintenance Drones Suck, Heres Why

    Some science departments can also kill drones with their ID (I only know that the roboticist can do it but I wouldn't be suprised if more can do it). Now, I don't realy see the problem with drones fixing things right next to an antag, considering how fragile they are. A few hits with any kind of tool disable them already. That being said, I can see where you are coming from and would like to point to /vg/stations MoMMI who have a slightly different lawset than aurora has, with the big one being which sounds basicly like what you want for drones to act like. It essentialy forces drones to get out of whatever is happening and come back when noone is realy looking to fix things. Personaly, I don't care if something gets changed with how drones are supposed to act but I don't see the point of a change.
  8. Huenererschrecker

    Minor Mapping suggestions [!]

    Remove the derelict ship from the powernet. It just clutters up the emergency monitoring in engineering and keeps the screen on permanent alarm.
  9. Huenererschrecker

    Custom Loadout Requests Thread

    There is also a guaranteed coin-spawn inside the bar (on the arcade machines in the corner) that is rarely taken.
  10. Huenererschrecker

    Making Solars Viable as a Power Source

    If the SM blows up then it would still be a round-ender. The solar's are too close to the SM engine, so if someone would mess with it, then it would still take out both backups. To be honest, I haven't understood the reason for the Solars to be this close together to all the other engines and (now that I think about it more) would enjoy it if the solars where more spaced out or somewhere else entirely.
  11. Huenererschrecker

    Adjust atmospheric walkways

    It's simple add a walkway in the upper-left corner of atmospherics to connect all the outside tanks with each other. Why? Because 1. All other tanks are connected like that with each other 2. You can end up with things in the way like here . Sometimes it's open space, sometimes it's a wall. As it stands, there is no reason not to have the a quick platting path there, considering the mirrored side for the N20 tank has it.
  12. Huenererschrecker

    Making Solars Viable as a Power Source

    I was going to make a suggestion like that or saying 'fuck it, just have the solars setup at roundstart for lol-pop rounds'. So yes, that's a welcome addition.
  13. Huenererschrecker

    Swap the Library and Hydroponics' locations

    If there is not enough space then you can propably move the chaplain's office too. I feel like the library has more than enough space if you combine the area of hydroponics and the office and move both to where the library currently is. The only real problem with that would be on how to divide that area between those two with a large enough hallway.
  14. Huenererschrecker

    Buying Durand Parts

    LOGIN >> Kevlar PASSWORD >> ************* ACCESS LEVEL >> USER NET ACCESS >>GRANTED This appears to be to be a video of a man in a dark room, masking most of his features.
  15. Huenererschrecker

    A Ling Refractor

    I'd like to throw a (bad) idea into the mix too, which is why not change the idea of lings from ''the thing but slightly different'' to ''slowly adapting shapeshifter''. What my version would be is that you produce DNA points slowly over time along with letting you turn into other people that you interacted with for a while. That being said, that should propably be it's own thread. Having prey changelings can potentialy be bad, as in theory they could play as a multitool and change into crowbars/screwdrivers/ect unless they get some kind of mechanical thing that prevents it. However, quickly morphing into people you see would propably fit auroras playstyle alot better.