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  1. Bumpity bump bump y’all (i do not say y’all in reality)
  2. Rapture A. I. Operating System Software Master File. Version: 8.71 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Software Master File: The software master file is an entire directory of all programs and corresponding subroutines and can be called up for alterations by command and engineering staff. Engineering staff--minus the chief engineer--can only review a specific program or subroutine and cannot access the software master file to modify or edit subroutines. The software master file can be enabled at anytime by starting 'Enable SMF Interface'. Opening the software master file will temporarily suspend all programs and subroutines and will only be overridden by the Rapture A.I. in the event of an emergency such as a compartment decompression or a collapse of the electromagnetic containment field surrounding its assigned station's/interstellar vehicle's reactor. As such, this mode leaves the station and Rapture A.I. rather vulnerable and can only be accessed at code green or its equivalent. Opening the software master file is only adding, deleting or modifying programs and subroutines. Only a single individual may access the software master file at any given time due to the processing power involved and possible subroutine conflicts which could possibly arise by adding contradictory or similar subroutines. It is recommend that the A.I. be summoned by a holographic interface to keep communications channels clear during this process. Below is an example: (Holographic Interface) Commanding Officer: "Enable SMF Interface." (Holographic Interface) Rapture A.I.: "SMF Interface Enabled. Standby. Several Minutes may Elapse....." (Public Channel) Rapture A.I.: "Autonomic Functions Suspended due to Maintenance. A.I. Temporarily Unavailable." (Holographic Interface) Rapture A.I.: "Software Master File. Subroutine Review; Subroutines by Program. State Program for Specific Subroutines within that Program or State Specific Subroutine for Review. Programs by Priority; Communications, Command, Engineering, Security, Medical, Science, Service and Supply. To Add a Program State a Title or General Directive Name. Default Programs Cannot be Deleted. To Add a Subroutine State a Title and Specific Action or Group of Actions. Certain Subroutines Cannot be Deleted. All Subroutines are Subject to Current Active Law Priorities. Only Programmers, Navy Officers and Commanding Officers may Modify Rapture A.I. Program, Subroutines or Laws; Station Engineers may Review any Program or Subroutine. Refer to Current Station's Standard Operating Procedures for Specific on Handling of A.I. Software and Hardware per NanoTrasen Guidelines. Rapture A.I. Technology Patent Owned and Trademarked by NanoTrasen Galactic and Subsidiaries with Special Permission for Programmers Responsible." *The above introduction will most likely be staggered and not one un-ending chain of speech. To skip introduction just say 'skip introduction' or any combination thereof. The introduction can also be withheld unless asked for specifically; see below: (Holographic Interface) Commanding Officer: "Enable SMF Interface." (Holographic Interface) Rapture A.I.: "SMF Interface Enabled. Standby. Several Minutes may Elapse..." (Public Channel) Rapture A.I.: "Autonomic Functions Suspended due to Maintenance. A.I. Temporarily Unavailable." (Holographic Interface) Commanding Officer: "Skip Introduction." (Holographic Interface) Rapture A.I.: "Introduction Skipped. Software Master File Awaiting Input..." Example of dialogue explaining intentions follows; (Holographic Interface) Commanding Officer: "Delete Subroutine 'Escape Shuttle Comms'. (Holographic Interface) Rapture A.I.: "Caution: Deleting Subroutine 'Escape Shuttle Comms' will Permanently Remove Subroutine from Software Master File. Continue?" (Holographic Interface) Commanding Officer: "Yes." (Holographic Interface) Rapture A.I.: "Processing..." (Holographic Interface) Rapture A.I.: "Subroutine 'Escape Shuttle Comms' Permanently Deleted. Will be Unavailable at Next Start-Up." Alternatively adding a new subroutine; (Holographic Interface) Commanding Officer: "A.I. I want to make a subroutine where you set-up the telecoms scripts every shift. Turn on 'Theme Jobs', 'Theme Names', and 'Louder Command Members'. Call it 'Comm Set-Up'." (Holographic Interface) Rapture A.I.: "Processing..." (Holographic Interface) Rapture A.I.: "Program Editing in Progress. Standby..." (Holographic Interface) Rapture A.I.: "Subroutine Transcribal Complete. Communications Program Modified. Subroutine 'Comm Set-Up' Created" (Holographic Interface) Commanding Officer.: "Disable SMF Interface." (Holographic Interface) Rapture A.I.: "SMF Interface Disabled." (Holographic Interface) RaptureA.I.: "Software Master File Archived. Software Updated. Update Available Upon Next System Start-Up." (Public Channel) Rapture A.I.: "Maintenance Complete. All Programs and Subroutines Resume". All dialogue and actions can be edited but the Software Master File can never be deleted as it is melded with the cybernetic interface of the Rapture A.I. and contains all programs and subroutines. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Software Master File Upload (Shift End): At the end of every shift the A.I. will upload the software master file to central command and then download it at the beginning of the shift stating all programs and subroutines (if that subroutine hasn't been modified or deleted). This is automatic and requires no intervention or activation.
  3. You know your character Harmony won an award for being best A.I.! That’s how you know you’re nailing it. Though I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting your character.
  4. This seems tacky to me but I do like the idea of fragmented Christianity and religious sects. I remember in Sword of the Stars (a pc game) a Tarka becoming a catholic priest. (Which to me admittedly seemed bizarre). My take on an interesting sci-fi view of religion would be for every sentient race to have religions that are similar and nearly identical to Christianity only the names/locations/miracles are different. For example; all sentient species could have mention of a savior who was crucified on a cross but maybe the name of said savior is different as well as the location and type of material they were crucified on. It would be even more interesting if all these events happened historically; simultaneously. I personally think it would make for an interesting read; as a book.
  5. Intentions: To facilitate easier access to camera controls to allow easier jumping between active cameras. Currently; the camera controls are in a menu and then another submenu and everytime you click on a location the menu disappears. This resorts to scrolling around the map manually or accessing a security camera terminal which one may be booted out of should a crew member access it. My initial impression is that perhaps the camera controls were moved to prevent metagaming by a character that is omnipresent; which I can understand in that case. I also concede crew members can be manually tracked in another menu that still works as well but this isn’t always the intention when viewing a room. (I apologize for not being clear. I initially derailed the topic in the beginning. Also; I agree just being like other servers isn’t a good goal. That is why I enjoy Aurora after all!)
  6. I would assume a central area like MedBay treatment area for medical wing perhaps? Idk merely suggestion locations. My main question is why the camera controls are not under ‘jump to network’ which is a menu that already exists on Aurora with the A.I.? Maybe I’m confused? For example: On paradise station, yogstation and baystation (if my memory isn’t deceiving me) the A.I. camera controls are under ‘jump to network’. (Though in my opinion paradise has way to many linked cameras under this menu). I guess I don’t understand why they aren’t. I assumed that was default but I’m no programmer.
  7. —————————————————————— To: [email protected] From: [email protected] CCC: [email protected] Subject: Rapture A.I. Complaints/Bugs; MD-NOL-2104 —————————————————————— Greetings. I am Navy Officer Liason Unit 2104. All further statements regarding this matter have been manually delegated to me by Kenneth Marc. Gregory Lucas; this is a reminder; communication regarding the Rapture A.I. Operating System is binding between Gregory Lucas, Kenneth Marc and NanoTrasen exclusively; third party communications regarding the Rapture A.I. Operating System will be disregarded by NanoTrasen. Gregory Lucas; you are required to appear in person at the Internal Affairs office of NSS Baldr. That is the conclusion of this email exchange. Thank you for your cooperation. By Authority of NanoTrasen, Flag Officer; Kenneth Marc - Internal Affairs - Sol System
  8. This is an interesting idea but Gerg feels like that is usurping his A.I. Character’s job
  9. Hello I am requesting a rework of the way the cameras are accessed by the A.I. to the ‘jump to network’ menu. They are currently under a seperate menu (that escapes me at this time). It seems—at least from my limited noobish perspective—that accessing cameras from the ‘jump to network’ menu is more UI friendly. Also the Locations should be more diversified but not too diversified so as to confuse. (Think paradise station camera menu. Oh, muy, Lawd). maybe something like; -Armory -Atmospherics -Bridge -Diner -Holodeck -Shield Generator Compartment -Cargo Wing -Command Wing -Engineering Wing -Science Wing -Security Wing -Medical Wing -Telecommunications -Surface Level -Main Level -Engineering Sub-level -Medical Sub-level (patient wing) -Science Sub-level (xenobiology)
  10. —————————————————————— To: [email protected] From: [email protected] CCC: Rapdevteam Subject: RE: Rapture A.I. Bugs/Complaints —————————————————————— officer marc, our programmers are requesting code snapshots and timestamps of all events. our uplink with odin is not responding and we’ve been told by orion that comm traffic into the republic has been restricted temporarily. regards, - - - - Lila Rose Rapture A.I. Development Project Team
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