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  1. Yes, I did ahelp all the things, and the ruling was that security did things just fine. I wouldn't be posting here if I didn't think that this is just policy by now.
  2. Your experience is extremely different from mine, to say the very least. I have never, ever, not once, at all, seen security catch trouble from the administration for taking the AI at its absolute word. Half of the time they don't even bother following up with forensics, they simply believe the AI and then the valids flow on ever more. I'd like for you to be right, but as best I can tell, nobody seems to care if an officer or HoS blindly follows the AI's word.
  3. My buddy, you were literally talking on security comms and telling people to bring the ion rifle, at which point it solidly becomes your decision instead of some officer lugging it along. There was absolutely a hostage, since a guy with broken ribs being two tiles away from a mech with a mounted laser cannon is on the same level as that same person having to deal with a revolver being trained at them. If you were literally there to escape, you had a means of doing so by.. Walking away, instead of approaching the man. That you chose to bring a prisoner along, that you told your people to bring the ion rifle, that you stalled for time, that you did not engage with the IPC raider at all, and that you're trying to pass off the blame to your officers gives me the sense that you're being rather disingenuous here.
  4. Another example of a round where negotiations weren't even attempted is round b86-cWOq Within the round proper, we were a team of raiders intending to pose as command members sent to the station. This fell through pretty much immediately, as antag gimmicks are wont to do, and a bunch of chaos ensued. Fair. The events proper happened quite far into the end of the round: my raider, Jake Lenkins, had been very heavily wounded. Another raider, Crunk, had been cuffed by security. Opposite to this was a heavily wounded member of security whose name I don't recall, collapsing from broken ribs/laser fire. The final remaining raider, an IPC, offered security a very firm deal: hand over the raiders, take your man, no more people die. Said IPC had a mech and fired a laser out a window as a warning shot before; he did not have a history of needlessly antagonising security; he did not go back on anything. Even so, and even after the officer was let go, security comms was awash with the sounds for IONS, RIGHT NOW and the like. It's a valid play to go back on your word, I guess, and it may not even break the rules, but I'm not going to bother trying to negotiate with anyone unless I have to, for the foreseeable future.
  5. I was the skeleton in that scene, and you will thank both Lordnesh and I for emphatically not killing anyone but the Kataphracts out to kill him. This includes an elevator trip with an IPC and us entering the shuttle to check for hostiles. Killing people for the hell of it would've been exceedingly easy, so I can assure you that some restraint was indeed there.
  6. All that needed saying has been said. +1
  7. If you refuse to convert, you're going to die either way. It's really up to whether it's by the sword, a rune, or a soul shard then.
  8. What server are you people playing on that cult ever does well? That it actually gets recruits just about ever?
  9. I guess we're also removing the entire gamemode that is borer and nerfing vampire into the ground then. Edit: nobody uses the sacrifice rune, my guy. Literally nobody. It is a non-concern.
  10. Most culties don't really have the time or inclination to watch people stubbornly die of burn over the course of ten minutes because death is slow. Most culties would be happy if they could recruit a whopping three people total also, but that's not currently happening either.
  11. Do you genuinely have such large issues dealing with cult? Like, really? Truthfully? It is not an antag that can do anything about being shot at range. In either event, cult being strong in melee seems part of the design. If targeting hands remains viable, you can down them with two dumb baton hits. I'd rather melee is something cultists are good at, and that they get gloves to reflect this.
  12. Yeah, I can see why them being insulated might be too good. I do still think cult gloves ought to exist in general.
  13. If cult robes were as strong as you imply, they'd be a lot harder to deal with than just needing to target hands and call it a day. If the admins decide making them shockproof is too strong, so be it, but they still ought to exist for sheer reasons of armor.
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