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  1. Thank you. This can't have been an easy round to investigate at all, and I appreciate your effort in doing so.
  2. I'd question why you bothered to turn on your raider antag pref at all in such a case. Still, it beats the guys who got on-station, shot people, took one, and proceeded to gloat about it for an hour. There's several things you're saying next so I have a couple of them to unpack here. Fair to say that it's an IC dick move and a case of betrayal. Yep. OOCly - ehhhhh. I don't feel sufficiently tied to my character's actions, or an intruder antag, that I'm gonna call the ERT/security team's actions an OOC issue here. You can break the rules, I guess. And get banned again. Just as I could select warden and hand off lethals at roundstart, and get banned. If you're asking me whether or not I'd rather see you break the rules, I'm going to ask that you please don't, because you're a good player in all likelihood and I'd rather not see people leave the server. Now, as best I could tell, you did in fact beeline to vent the armory, which is a VERY GOOD EXAMPLE of making sure security doesn't have a way to actually harm you. I don't really mind, because I was raised on harsher shores than Aurora's, but it's also a far cry from pistols-at-dawn style honorable combat. In either event - I, personally, am in favor of seeing the ganking rules relaxed. I'd also be in favor of making security less toothless in the event there's no HoS/warden or the armory is busted into. I suppose it may not be the answer you were hoping to hear, but yeah, I wouldn't actually mind seeing the server's octane content raised rather than lowered. No. In fact, I don't want to play against any murderous ninja, and neither do many of the other security mains; the department just going into cryo en masse upon sighting ninja got bad enough that the odds of ninja gamemode being rolled were fucking axed not so long ago. My issue here is with the sheer disparity in power inherent in some gamemodes as opposed to others: raider is likely too weak, merc is just about right, ninja is too strong. I'm in favor of powergaming rules' existence - don't drag a locker behind you everywhere you go, your security officer isn't a master engineer, don't kill people just because - but their extent here overreaches rather than underreaches, if you'd ask me, and I don't think tightening people's leashes even further is worth the tradeoff you get for such.
  3. I was there for this round. I was one of the officers, even, who ended up shooting the Vox in space. Let me give my account of how the round went before I get to the actual points Naelynn is trying to make. First off, the event with the tunnels happened very differently from how you stated it did, and it went exactly the fucking way your regular non-hero person should do these things. Don't lie to us. An officer is in maint, sees Vox. Runs off while warning security, gets shot at, butts the hell out. Note the absolute lack of stunbatons, of heroics, of anything dumb here: they saw some well-armed creatures known to be pirates, didn't try to shoot anyone, ran off because yikes, man, guns, and weren't an idiot about things. So, point for security. No dumb heroics. No suicidal charges. No metagaming to reveal gamemodes. Officer sees vox, officer runs off, officer still gets shot at, officer meets back up with her fellows. Do tell me again how any of this is poor RP in any way. The very next thing that happens, before anyone can do anything, we have the same vox breaking into the brig. Again: no heroics here. The HoS got captured, everyone else just runs off from the people packing bigger heat than we can match. The HoS is taken captive, the captain is taken captive, and not a one officer does as you imply we do. Not a one unrelated person plays hero. We hole up in cargo, we order guns, we make plans while the HoS, specifically, tells us over comms that we are not to care about his wellbeing. We get barely any communication from the raiders. At all. Just a stand down, we won't hurt anyone. That's basically it. A full hour passes by, we get an ERT, and only then is there some semblance of negotiation. Which goes by fine, things are negotiated, the Vox are only put down after the captain is secured, woohoo. Beautiful. If the vox had been more clever about handing the captain over they'd have made it off just fine. So, to recap: you had ample opportunity to do as you wished. You had PDAs, you had hostages, you have a ship that can move places, and you had literally vented the armory to make it hard for us to even arm up. You did not choose to use these opportunities to engage people, to talk over communications, or to seek interaction - you instead do nothing of the sorts, only make demands very late into the round, and then get gunned down because people have armed up. You know, exactly as they would when hostile, noncommunicative pirates are on board the station. If this is an example of peaceful or roleplay-heavy antagonists being shut down by unfair play, I don't see it. You didn't do poorly, your choice of antaggery was perfectly fine, but so was the response you got in turn. I agree that raider is a difficult gamemode, that many antag modes in fact face steeper odds than should be the case, but you make a really, really, really poor case for it here today. tl;dr: yeah you're salty and should've come up with something better because security did no wrong in round related.
  4. Yeah. I spoke to Géneviève, and apparently she hadn't gotten around to killing you (yet). My bad in such a case. The difference between dying by sword immediately or dying by gibbing 30 seconds later isn't a large one, but it explains why I couldn't shard, which irks me. I explained my reasons for gibbing the other people a couple posts up, namely because a bunch of people decided it clever to bust into the chapel covered in blood and gore, and I'd rather not see them interrupt any summoning. Yeah. I wanted, and was going to, play up the blood cult gimmick of blood cult, where you talk about THE UNQUENCHABLE HUNGER OF THE STARS and whatnot. I SSD for ten minutes, return, and all of security is looking left and right for cultists, with the AI bolting people in before they proceed to stun and fight even more. I entirely agree that another style of round would have been nice, but I'm not the one behind the initial escalation here. This is pretty selective, man. Do you have the logs of that day's round? If so, you know as well as I do that a handful of bile getting flung cult's way in OOC preceded that. Or, you know, Garn spamming 'deal with it' by way of admin announcement, but I'm sure that's more mature than what I said somehow. I can't in fact force anyone to convert as cult, ever, because there is nothing stopping you or someone else from deciding not to convert. The very first thing you did was screech at us over LOOC how you hate cult and never wanted to join and that you weren't gonna go along. The difference between cryo and sacrifice is minimal, given that both permanently take your character out of the round. You wanted to leave the round rather than join the cult, so I.. Made sure you'd leave the round and not join the cult. I wasn't yet aware at the time that sacrifice does nothing, so I figured it might give us some manner of aid, but that's not something I'm going to be doing again.
  5. Stun convert ganks get you antagbanned, as I've seen happen to myself and others. Stun convert roleplay is common enough, which is exactly what you want from a cult. That said, the stun talismans are, indeed, extremely robust, so I don't mind seeing their duration nerfed.
  6. For clarity's sake, this post is directed at @Bear There's gimmicks and there's gimmicks. Antagonists don't need to be a scientology or a singularity or a pyramid scheme cult; if you're a blood cult, do blood cult things, do the blood cult RP, you're golden. Simple. I sacrificed you, but I didn't kill you. I see someone else kill you, try to shard, fail, and then sacrifice. If you think you were killed with undue cause you can take it up with Géneviève; given that you were dead and unshardable, I'm just going to sacrifice you instead. Round's already over for you by that point. By the time we were running about in the halls, the AI had already forced our hand. If you're going to screech at everyone there's a cult and bolt them in left and right and send bounds to halt them, then yeah, the cult is going to behave like the cornered rats they've become. It's the same as what I did in the brig: if you're gonna lock me in with people and tell them to bring me in, I'm not in fact willingly coming along to be brought in. I'm a psychopath trying to bring about the end of the world station as we know it, I'm not going to meekly get myself arrested. I didn't gank anyone in the halls so take it up with someone else. Doesn't apply to me. I did talk about being able to summon Nar'sie now, yes. Staff asked us over AOOC to get some actual blood flowing before the summons, because stealth summoning Nar'sie wasn't something they found kosher. We therefor went and.. Went loud a bit, challenged people, summoned Nar'sie. My line about summoning her now was the observation that the people whose job it was to stop us, died. Yay. I'd rather summon Nar'sie than spend twenty more minutes to kill defenceless people, so yeah, summon it was. Cool story flinging insults my way. 'Bullshit'. Classy. I don't appreciate the lack of intellectual charity. By the time we got to the chapel it was literally because we wanted to summon Nar'sie there, so yes, anyone who busted into the place (with blood and guts and constructs and murder and cultists in robes) was both an absolute madman for heading FOR the place and in entirely the wrong place insofar long lifespans were concerned. If you have any more specific events pertaining to myself, do tell me. The round is a while ago now, but I'll respond as best I can.
  7. That's fair, but also not something I did, so I can't comment on it.
  8. I'm one of the people called out here, Jaydon Lafortune, and I can clear up some of the things I've done and the reasoning behind them as well. I was one of the cultists at roundstart. We tried discussing a gimmick over AOOC, but we'd eventually settled on just playing up the actual blood cult thing, rather than anything else. That's fine. No problem. I did, though, had to go for 10-15 minutes, so I get stuff done ASAP and return to the game. Fucking. Alarm bells. Everywhere. Fellow culties are being brigged left and right. The AI is locking people into places. We've been exposed, and we've been exposed bad. So I'm in the brig still, with a bunch of other sec people(Leila and Géneviève) being converted and some being.. Well, not. I try to get people kinda out, but no! No sir. The AI bolts every fucking airlock that it can and locks us in with the loyalist officers, screeching about cultists and telling people who did what, constantly, all the time. Lovely. Being cornered rats, we fight and win; I can say that I literally only stunned one armed person, offering them a choice between conversion or sharding. I got a LOOC saying that they just hate cult and wanted neither, and to just kill them. Cool. Sacrifice it is. @Brutishcrab51 I tried to convert one person in medbay. One. The emergency physician was telling a nurse she could use me to practice checkups and such, so he takes us to an examination room. Once there, I tell him before anything else that he sure has good taste in victims, do a maniacal cackle, and only then stun. Physician man had the 300IQ idea of sticking the stuncuffed person with sopo then, which is ridiculous, but also not something I could stop him from doing. At any rate, leading someone off to corner them for conversion is entirely by the books cult RP so that should be fine. Anyway.. Eventually, things have been loud enough for a while, the admins tell us that yeah things are cool, summon away, so we choose to head to the chapel for the summons, informing all cultists to come over. AND EVERYONE WHO ISN'T A CULTIST IS BEELINING FOR IT AS WELL TRYING TO STOP US As Géneviève noted, she gets attacked with lethal gear by a miner, at which point she lethally responds. I only see the tail end of this, decide we're summoning anyway, and move to sacrifice what is already a corpse after determining I can't shard it. So, we have cultists in the chapel, and more filtering in. We try to herd people together on the summon rune, and Again In the chapel full of blood and guts In the chapel inhabited by creepy people speaking in tongues, bearing swords In the chapel where people have already died and there is a construct floating around a bunch People keep. Fucking. Busting inside. The rules are VERY CLEAR on playing hero being bad. A person who's no officer or related job has no business trying to bust in and do anything about the cult. We were moments away from summoning, and I really didn't want to see the summon interrupted by a stupid toxins bomb or smoke grenade or what have you, so yeah I sacrificed the people trying to interrupt the final summoning. Absolutely. I didn't know yet at the time sacrifice does nothing; I only learned that with the advent of this thread: and no sooner. I did have some people STUPIDLY enter our summoning ritual to deal with, and I chose to do it by sacrifice. These weren't people who had to miss out on a whole round or go do something else for an hour; not two minutes later, we completed our summons, and the round ended with it. Joy. My total tally of sacrificed people this round is 1 security person who was securing two of my allies and didn't want to be converted/sharded + some people I saw as trying to put a stop to our final summons. I don't feel particularly guilty for either save for sacrifice just being absolute garbo, so, yeah. These were my actions, make of them what you will.
  9. Rebecca has given me one of the more interesting ways in which to incorporate antag RP into an otherwise normal character, and I really appreciate that.
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