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  1. i can see that this back and forth with you is getting absolutely nowhere, so i'm gonna refrain from posting from here on out and let admins handle it.
  2. jesus dude, obviously, but we still control our characters. it's still actions we're making. you cherry picking because you don't have any defenses left or something? we had both assumed the fight was over the first time you went down. when you got back up and kept attacking, he kept cheering me on. then i got knocked down and you started stomping my face in, so sec was called. very drastic difference there. and now you're just being gross and inflammatory. preston and natalie are best friends and grew up together. of course they're gonna want to defend each other.
  3. okay, a couple things here: 1. you never, ever specified before the match about the fact that you don't pull punches. if nat had known this she would have never gotten in the ring with you. 2. because i was pulling my punches, any hit to you on the ground was just a "tap on the head" which you would have seen if you had been paying attention to the logs. 3. i only ever tapped you after you went down after you kept getting up and charging me and i was trying to get you to stop and stay down. 4. you weren't punching. you were stomping my face and chest in until i became unrecognizable. i wasn't hanging out with anyone, i was in surgery. if i hadn't been rushed to surgery immediately after you stomping my face and chest in, i would have died. you walked in and attempted to order boxing gloves. after you had been banned from sparring. don't act like you don't know exactly what you were doing. you kept bump spamming me and following me. i said to stay the hell away from me. you followed me to the bar and sat right next to me. i begged klaus to keep you away from me and you called me a cunt.
  4. oh so this is a thing, huh? >:3c since brainos has already posted in this thread i'm sure he won't mind me postin' this, buuut this is me and @BRAINOS at a new years party. we were both very drunk in this picture but i still think its cute
  5. Everyone has already said such great things about bear that I wholeheartedly agree with. I was having a real hard time really getting into ss13 when I first started, and bear's inclusivity and patience with me being an utter newb at everything is what really helped draw me into the community. I think he'd be a great CCIA member. +1
  6. can i also just pop in to say, including this interaction i had with the guy, i've never had a good experience with him? i mean, it was awhile ago, back when we were on the exodus for the 6th birthday, but he threatened me in LOOC when i was fear rping and hiding in a locker saying that if i didn't get out he'd shoot me. a few seconds later he ended up holding me hostage with a gun to my head even though we were both antags and without talking to me about it before doing so, i really thought he was gonna shoot me right then and there. being the target of his ire really ruined the round for me in more ways than one. i'm not sure what i did to piss him off so bad as to stomp on my skull and chest repeatedly the first chance he got me on the ground, but like, i'm a real anxious person and i haven't wanted to join a round as natalie since then if i see him in the roster. his aggression and the fact that he kept coming back multiple times just to antagonize me, on an extended round, really messed with me and i'm really glad that this is finally being handled. if i hadn't had basically all of supply backing me when he kept coming back then i don't know if i would've stayed in the round, let alone the server, i was just that anxious and freaked out. his playstyle is just overall extremely aggressive and i'm not a fan. Wanted to edit because someone earlier in the thread edited to mention Timothy Cooper: Whoever it is that plays Timothy has admitted that they are very new to RP. Their methods aren't great but they seem willing to learn and have definitely applied any advice given by us in LOOC. I've been keeping and eye on them and they are improving, albeit slowly. I'm willing to give them a chance given that they're willing to learn. If a month or so down the line they still have bad behavior, then I think it would be worth looking a little bit more in-depth into. I think it's another thing to point out that any time Timothy has been doing stuff he shouldn't be doing, it was with Ephemer. And it was Timothy that got his eyes screwdriver'd by Ephemer, so I don't think they're pals.
  7. i'll say that i've really enjoyed any interaction i've had with mac - there's always a driving force behind her words and she doesn't say anything needlessly, which i appreciate from time to time. (as opposed to those characters that just talk to talk - not that that's a bad thing at all, just nice to have some variety) it comes off as her really thinking before she speaks, which i enjoy. you are for sure hitting the mark. i also appreciate the strict mom vibes i get from her sometimes - its nice to be scolded for doing dumb shit now and then just to be reminded how ridiculous the things we sometimes do are. when i think of mac, i think of an iceberg. (her color scheme kinda helps with that) in that she's slow to move but tough and resilient when she does. she's a joy, really. i'd like more interaction with her in the future for sure, get to learn what else there is besides just the surface that i've seen.
  8. you and i talked the other day about how i feel about yahir. he is a high wisdom low intelligence boy who natalie would die for (because she would probably be dead without him tbh) even if him and nat weren't muscle bros, he's a hard worker and a great team member. he really helps bring a sense of camaraderie to the supply department and kinda helped bridge the gap between cargo and mining, imo, and his loyalty is unparalleled. yahir is the type of character that i really wanna dig into and find out everything about him - honestly, ever since meeting yahir and becoming good friends with him icly, i've been reading more about tajaran lore to try and understand him and where he comes from a bit more. he and natalie butt heads every now and then, but he's a good enough friend to her that they always work things out. i honestly, genuinely don't have anything negative to say about him. he's a good boy.
  9. this. i'm completely fine with sec doing a sweep, it makes sense icly for the above stated reasons. plus it's just something i'm used to now, and as a cargo main i tend to get little to no interaction with sec in a standard round (since we're on opposite sides of the station) but i do know that i can expect sec to do their sweep, and i always open the maintenance door in the warehouse while i'm working to say hi and have a little interaction and rp with them. its just a nice way to start the shift, honestly. and yeah, this also brings up a valid point. i can see security or maintenance being in the gd maintenance tunnels, but unless you're antag i don't see a lot of reason for it. tbh we have kind of an issue in the cargo department where people sign up for cargo tech just so that they have maintenance access to dick around in there the entire round and find goodies and do absolutely no cargo work. it's something i'm currently trying to work out icly though so i won't go into too much detail here and derail the topic. just wanted to said that it's a good point to talk about as well.
  10. yeah, brainos basically summed up my thoughts on this. if HoP's are happy to give EMTs basic access at the start of the shift, then that just feels like an extra step that just really doesn't need to be there. if i find out a DNC friend died canonically because an EMT simply didn't have access, you'll never hear the end of it from me. this slippery slope comparative earlier in the thread is just kind of mind boggling. i've never seen a reasonable argument with slippery slope commentary. comparing engineers to doctors just flat out doesn't make sense as engineering matters are almost never as time sensitive as EMT matters. again, we're talking literal life and death here. also, like... noah fence but if your antag gimmick would be ruined by an emt having basic access then maybe its not a great gimmick
  11. i hope its not a secret about just how much i love easter. i am legitimately sad when i get on to play and don't see his name in the security manifest. from the first couple of interactions i had with him on natalie i thought for sure he would be someone i'd be butting heads with more often than not, due to his very serious and stoic nature, but every time i talk with him puts him in a more positive light. every bit i learn about him makes me enjoy him more and it really makes me wanna pick his brain and have some more interaction with him. very good rp and character on your part, seriously. 10/10.
  12. i love ideas that give characters some individuality! i think clothes are a great way to get characters talking, be it their backstory or some lore or even just their personality. your clothes say a lot about you and any opportunity to show rather than tell is a good idea in my book.
  13. 1. i am so sorry that this is what fish looks like to you. are you okay? do you need help? 2. i will accept this only under the pretense that steak cooked any other way doesn't fill you as much 3. fair 4. this is fun. i like lists bad 0/10
  14. anything other than medium rare is wrong sorry jokes aside: why would that matter? i hope I'm not coming across as rude and i promise it's not my intention, just genuinely curious.
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