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  1. thats what i get for posting right after waking up
  2. -snip- nothin on display here folks other than how stupid i really am
  3. This is also my question. Removing from the lore would be a HARD no from me- mechanically I could get, I guess? Though I would be really upset to see it go - we're already super limited on when we can clone people, and recovering-clone RP is really nice to see and experience
  4. Cow dad is a good boy in my book. (autocorrect changed your name and i can’t fix it, it’s too good) ive had very limited interaction with them so far, moreso on my visitor character than my main character, but every time they’re very helpful and patient. id also like to think that they’re down to earth, but again, limited interaction and all- but i’ve liked what i’ve seen so far. also, side note, i love characters with accents. i’m too lazy to do much of an accent, but you pull it off very well. i hope i get the chance to rp with them a bit more in the future, so i look forward to seeing them around ^^
  5. i think khas’miera has been a WONDERFUL addition to cargo. as a QM main, it’s always pleasant when i have someone around that i know will actually get shit done without any active babysitting ^^’ as for her character, i think we may have spoken briefly on this before, but i’m happy to say it again: khas’miera is absolutely adorable and i would die for her. jokes aside, i really appreciate the depth and care you put into her character. i’ll admit i’m slightly biased from reading your taj app about her, but it makes all of her little quirks that you very consistently play out make a lot more sense. the cutest quirk that instantly comes to mind when thinking about her is that she’s always collecting cardboard for her kitten to build and play with. it’s just a tiny little detail that i really appreciate on top of everything else. your rp with her is fantastic, and i appreciate your ability to roll with the punches (as you unfortunately have to do with her a lot- damn carp) but it just adds to an already very fleshed out character. her fear rp is top tier and VERY understandable, and you know the limits on to when to make the fear rp comical and when it calls for being much more serious- which, again, is fantastic as some people are always either one or the other. overall i i don’t really think i have anything negative to say on her- it is a bit difficult to rp with her at times as a non-tajaran (but that’s just because you can get left out of conversations that you don’t understand, which can happen to anyone and is in no way a bad thing- you’re allowed to have private conversations!) and i know part of that is also just because she is a bit more reserved than most. which, again, makes sense when you know her backstory a bit more. just keep doin what you’re doin. i love khas 😄
  6. brutish is an incredible RPer who singlehandedly changed my characters views on security based on how they handle their character. they’re engaging and fun, and with how much people joke about Oscar probably being an untagged shell, i know brutish would be able to pull off an IPC with no trouble whatsoever. easy +1
  7. gonna bump this since its been almost a couple months since the last post; i also want to include my discord in case there's anything anyone would like to talk about specifically about but don't feel comfortable posting ^^ natiform#4073 thank you!
  8. i'm definitely one of the folks who follows their body around to see what happens/how people react. i love that you keep this in mind and having someone take a little time out of their day to acknowledge the person and give them a flower would probably just instantly make me cry like a baby. +1
  9. i've said it before and i'll happily say it again: bear's RP is absolutely top-tier and his inclusiveness, patience, and willingness to teach people while not faulting them for their fuck-ups (speaking from plenty of firsthand experience here as i am prone to fuck-ups) is all the signs that bear would do absolutely incredible in a command position. he specifically goes out of his way to make sure people are included, and as Borya said, more dead-hour command is sorely needed. i'm excited to see any possible trial because i know bear would kill it 😎
  10. hell YES i LOVE any reason to add more horror to the game. i can't wait to see this
  11. i think this is a fantastic idea!!! i'd really love for the psyches of the station to have more tools for their RP, as of right now they don't have much other than their office. And seeing someone all wrapped up in a blanket after a crisis situation would really help drive the RP and let other people around them know "this person is okay physically but maybe not mentally". honestly the fact that this isn't already a thing makes me sad. would you have more than one? but otherwise... +1!!!
  12. ahhhhh my goooooood these are beautiful ;A; 10/10 if its not too much trouble, could i get your commission info? my discord is natiform#4073 ^^
  13. please god yes get these boring sprites OUTTA HERE +1 even though i know i'll very rarely see these guys i still wanna shit my pants when i do see them because seeing them means very bad things are happening. i don't get that vibe from the old sprite at all.
  14. also have to agree with the consensus here: the new design? very pretty! extremely well done! i appreciate the detail in the new sprites, for sure. the mail icon is really cute and a lot more forward than some random red blinking light. i just need color back. the fact that the case almost blends in with the screen throws me off a bit. my favorite thing about aurora is the colors. please don't take them away.
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