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    Remove Cargonia

    Seriously. There's, like, not a single thing here that I don't disagree with. Please please please do not punish an entire department because of the actions of the few. To go through your list: I don't think removing weapons would be a good idea only because of the points Doxxmedearly brought up- And as it was already stated, locking them behind a head or QM role would be best. And if we're worried about QM shitters doing the "rise up" bullshit anyway, then that can be fixed with- Absolutely this. All of the issues brought up with Quartermasters are seemingly issues that come from people that are new to the server and don't really care for a high RP environment. And yes, the department still functions without a Quartermaster - Any department can function without some kind of head - But the QM does best as a teacher role and that's what it should be used as. Leaving the department to the responsibility to the HoP only means that new players get less attention than they should, because more often than not, the HoP is a good target for antags and they end up getting caught up in what is going on elsewhere in the station and have no time for cargo at all. This one... Makes me iffy, because I have personally never seen a QM do this and if they ARE doing it then they should be reported immediately, because, just... No. That's not how this should go at all. It's powergaming and unrealistic and not in line with what a high RP environment should be. Again, this would be fixed by just adding a play-time restriction on the role to weed out the bad QMs that are here for their enjoyment and their enjoyment alone. This one has got to be a hard no for me. Again, as others have already stated, the purpose that KA's serve is to help miners get their job done and get back onto the station in a timely manner so that they can actually enjoy RP. KAs do almost no damage as it is as long as they are in a pressurized environment, so nerfing them isn't entirely necessary as it's basically useless when inside the station. And blobs still do plenty of damage before a good enough KA comes around to finish up the job - The default ones in the locker don't really do much of anything and if science has worked hard on making a strong KA for the miners then that should be rewarded by making "easy" work of a blob. Random crates should just be removed, imo. They don't contribute to much of anything and are, more often than not, filled with junk. If we are worried about cargo using KAs to open crates that are not for their department, then why don't we make it so that if a crate is opened via KA, everything inside just gets blasted to bits? Hacking it would have to be a group effort with science. I sincerely hope that people already do this but I know that it just needs to be pushed- Pretty, pretty please, if you see someone powergaming in cargo - Ahelp it. I'm begging you. As I said at the beginning of my post - Please do not punish an entire department for the actions of a few. We just need to fix the mentality around the department, not removing what makes it unique. Edit: Forgot to talk about the antique sniper rifle. It should just... Have a lock be put on it. The fact that it does not have a lock on it already is just silly. It's a quick and easy fix. And Seeli said: Increase the amount ordered for some things (a SINGLE chicken for 200 when a normal spawned crate comes with multiple). What about ready to cook carp meat (ie no carpotoxin in it)? Or more medicines? I also think that this is a really good idea, as sometimes a hectic round with few medical players can be overwhelming when they don't have the proper medicines. Only thing to watch out for here would be the players that order medical supply crates and hoard them - But again, that's powergaming and should be ahelped or at least talked to in LOOC.
  2. gowet BIG BOOLY CONFWOWMED!!! i has.... ebidence!!!
  3. while i think this is a cute idea, i'm not sure if it would be a good idea because all i can think about is the cacophony that would be crew transfer on highpop.
  4. the amount of RP i've seen stemming from just one little laptop game alone is incredible. danny so easily sucks people in to his game and it really drives discussion- ive spent entire 2 hour rounds just talking with other people about the game, ideas for it, what we liked, etc- never noticed the time passing. plus, like, the fact that this madlad is making a fucking game within a game is something to be rewarded. that shit is stupidly difficult, (though i say this as someone who only has basic knowledge of html) and the amount of work he's already put into it is kind of incredible. plus, it's genuinely fun! i once even saw an antag sit down to play it- it just draws people in that someone is actually working successfully with NTSL, something that maybe 2 or 3 people actually know. i've yet to see one character that didn't enjoy it in one way or another. even the beefiest of beefheads like this weird nerd shit. also- ive been in that poor student life. you know this dude actually having his own laptop would be, like, bare minimum. you cant really live as a student without your own computer and renting one every single day just would not be in a starving student's budget. you gotta spend what little money you have on coffee, obviously. ... anyway. tl;dr, brainos is a good boy, give him the laptop. bls. +1
  5. yeah..... no that's a hard no from me dawg you don't see female police officers in skirts. thats because they are not practical at best and get absolutely in the way at worst. there is zero reason to have gendered uniforms, and if female security officers want to be feminine, they have their off hours to do so. which is why some people are currently working on more female outfits- feminity isn't bad but there is a time and place for that, security not being one of them. please please please, just, no.
  6. i really like the part where hes dark and mysterious +1
  7. ahhh i was there for your very first liaison round! exciting! we didnt get to rp a WHOLE whole lot together, but he seemed really interesting for the little bit we got to do! got to crack a few jokes here and there, and it was nice to have someone seek me out for RP as i was trying out a brand new role and brand new character, so i was a bit lonely- i appreciated you reaching out to the civilian roles and giving us all some interaction in what was a rather hectic round that left us ignored for the most of it. but i mean, your RP is always spot on, so once i realized that it was you playing, it all made sense ^^ biiiiiiig ol +1 from me!
  8. Reporting Personnel: Natalie Duponte Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Quartermaster Game ID: b4R-c8wM Personnel Involved: - Ka'Akaix'Voa C'thur - Victim - Adrien Major, Bartender - Witness - Milosh Harris, Engineering Apprentice - Offender Secondary Witnesses: None, other than the few ISD that arrived on scene after calling for help. The attack was already over at this point. Time of Incident: (If unable to provide, leave blank) Real Time: Approx 1520 MST 12/24/2019 Location of Incident: Bar Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [ x ] - Neglect of Duty [ x ] - Harassment [ x ] - Assault [ x ] - Misconduct [ ] - Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.) Overview of the Incident: This incident occurred very late into what was a very hectic shift. I was on my way to the shuttle when I heard Voa calling out for help over the radio in the bar, saying she was being attacked. Being right next to the bar- and knowing that security was currently dealing with hivebots- I ran over to make sure that everything was okay, only to see Voa in a choke hold by Milosh Harris, having her antenna pulled on. I quickly removed Harris from her person and told him to leave- Milosh Harris was extremely drunk and he kept insulting Voa and threatened her again, so Adrien Major then pointed his shotgun (loaded with bean bags) and ordered him to leave. Adrien Major was then spooked by Milosh moving towards Voa again and thus pulled the trigger. Milosh fell over briefly before beginning to slur over the common radio that there was a shooter on the loose and had been shot by the bartender for no reason. I explained the situation over the radio and thought that was that. Milosh continued to stand in the hall and berate Adrien Major, while all three of us- Voa, Adrien, and myself- told him that if he were truly injured by the bean bags, then he should leave and go to medical. He did not. He began to come back into the bar and pulled an impact wrench out of his tool belt. Voa, already frightened from being attacked by him once, threw a tortilla chip at him and told him to leave her alone. Her throwing the tortilla chip set him off and he charged past me and hit her in the head multiple times with his screwdriver, aiming for the eyes. I attempted to disarm him and get him away from her, when he then turned on me and attempted to also stab me in the eyes. I was lucky enough to have just barely been scratched by it, but did almost lose an eye- I was bleeding from somewhere on my face, but was too worried about Voa to really notice. I was able to disarm him and get him away from her, while telling security over the radio that they needed to hurry to the bar. At this point, Harris was distracted from Voa and I and was attempting to chase Adrien. Adrien, as soon as Harris ran back into the bar with the impact wrench out and attacked Voa, tried to shoot once more and missed. This is why Harris turned his attention from Voa and I. Adrien was out of ammo at this point and ran behind his counter to get more bean bag shells. ISD arrived very shortly after I yelled for help and apprehended him. I missed what happened afterwards as I was more focused on getting Voa to the medical lobby to make sure she was okay, as she had collapsed. Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: Yes, Oliver Roadman, Chief Engineer. He was also present after ISD arrived. Actions taken: None - Security was overwhelmed with the hivebots that had just appeared in security and science. Plus, the shuttle was leaving and efforts were scattered. It was assumed that Odin security would help take care of things, but I am unsure if anything ever went through. Additional Notes: I am unsure as to what had lead up to the attack, though I do believe I heard Milosh Harris yelling something on the radio about Voa accidentally knocking something over shortly before she began to yell for help. ((I believe the only reason Adrien Major fired on Harris the first time with the bean bag was due to being on the wrong aim command. Also, my first time doing an IR. Apologies if I did anything wrong.))
  9. i gotta agree with the points ben raised. and also, as a HRP server, if a round has to have conflict in order for you to enjoy it... i dunno, that seems a little counterintuitive. you have to make your fun. it’s a role playing server. also, like, a lot of the rounds of MALF that i enjoyed were ones where neither of the things predicted, wiping the AI or delta, happened at all because the MALF came up with a fun (and peaceful- peaceful does not always mean bad, folks) way to involve everyone in the station. there’s multiple threads up right now that are calling for removal of stuff from the server. i know people on the forums like to scream about the meme that is “improve, not remove” and how it’s “””””malicious”””” but how is removing everything that some folks don’t like better? it is just a game, after all. if there’s something other people enjoy but you don’t, well, maybe take a step back and do something else for a little while. editing to add: if people really hate it that much, i wouldn’t see the problem in just making the game type less common.
  10. when ling rounds are really good, they're really good when ling rounds aren't great, they're just kinda... well. extended with a dash of weird on the side. i don't think it'd be a great idea to remove it just because some ling rounds are slower than others. as yonni said, reworking some mechanics would work- but what i see more often than not is people just not doing enough when they're lings, other than "oh no sword arms"- not a fault of the game mode, more just... people not working with everything they have.
  11. thats what i get for posting right after waking up
  12. -snip- nothin on display here folks other than how stupid i really am
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