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  1. Sadly i cannot really testify for absurdly creepy behaviour from the player being complained about, however, I can go ahead and complain about a general lack of composure from the player in LOOC and IC even when asked LOOCly to stop harassing and following my static: Barnard Owen, constantly calling him names although having never met him and, i have been told, badmouthing my skills in medbay as a player and the character itself, still, despite never interacting with him. This has also led me to think the player has started to bear a grudge against me (the player) because i do not comply with their poor antics. I have also witnessed his characters (NUL-D) utilize particularly abrasive, offensive and outright out of place language with other people of which screenshots have been sent to Moosie in a separate occasion, they (the player) has also suggested turning non canon rounds into canon stories with "enough fantasy" through the looc chat to new players. Through the past 6 months i have played here the player has shown a constant unsavory and passive aggressive behavious in IC towards my character fof which by itself is not an issue as it is part of roleplay, however it does become an issue when it is just one big constant hard haul of offputting behaviour even when asked to stop on multiple occasions it starts to become disheartening and starts to spill in ooc where the mere presence of a single annoying, in a bad way, individual becomes too much to bear even for me. On multiple occasions the presence of the player in the round has led me to think twice about who to play. The straw that broke the camel's back for me was coming to know and then seeing for myself the character go ahead and badmouth my skills as a player and the character's abilities as their unathi despite never witnessing them at work with both the unathi and mostly the android NUL-D. They have been asked to stop in LOOC and apparently they did for a while. However this was not enough as a few weeks ago (i am currently on holiday and have not played since) the player has returned, sat once again close to my character and began calling me names in looc and in IC, once again, despite us having little interactions with as this new character in particular. This misbehaviour has led me to grow more and more tired with the player in the span of a few minutes leading me to loose clarity and to break the rule of not spilling OOC in IC and losing composure and prompting me to seek justice by myself which is in no way right, this made me slip and be overly toxic to the player by openly offending them for past administrative actions taken against them, for this I rightfully took a Warning from a moderator which i fully understand the reason of. To this degree the actions of this individual have impacted my usual behaviour.
  2. Looking forwards to how this turns out so i'll be able to tell something more to interns when teaching and there will be more mechanics related to m*dbay. Nice. Also, can't wait for the EMT/Paramedic to steal the caulk gun like they already do with O- bloodbags : ) fun times.
  3. Dude above is omega dumb and s t i n k e e e e e e e e e ee ee ee eeeee. 👆

  4. Third post in a row, i am not trying to bump. An #adminbus channel would also help with questions related to the rules and to the game without having to ahelp every. single. fucking. time.
  5. Blus 1 More languages for races outside of sol would be nice and having my dominian be understood by an e*idani feels weird.
  6. Honestly, i don't know why i'll just +1 this. 4no raisins
  7. It is me, the comic sans man. I would suggest creating a #help channel solely used for... helping people who have to ask questions and keeping #general as it is (shitposting and doing ||gnome||). While i know that theere are discordd for lesbians medbay, grayons eaters security, nerds science, chair RP cargo it would still be helpful and would increase mod and player presence on the server whilst also giving people willing to help and teach a direct outlet without necessarily redirecting new players to these barren wastelands servers. It would kind of avoid questions being buried under people doing !cats at the wrong time and me posting that webm of wide Putin.
  8. No more roof ?! Where will i have to look for after a miner decided to eva with no eva ?! This is outrageous! I demand security to be deleted instead.

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  10. Everyone is now gay, anyone caught not being gay will be given a small astolfo beanie plush that calls you gay.

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      and also sucks your dick

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      *may or may not be tradition


  11. I would like to see a system like this being implemented, some of the complaints i have seen simply ended up being wriggled out of because of the accused player's popularity or because people swarmed to defend a lost cause and resulting in the derailing of the complaint itself rendering it pointless.
  12. [funny meme]

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