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  1. I'm proud to announce these features (not so obviously) exist. https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/blob/b7d9339c830dfeb718ae54df071a6c21a63f38b5/code/modules/projectiles/gun.dm#L390 When you point blank someone, with a neck grab, it does a whopping 2.5x base damage, allowing you to deal 150 base damage with a .357. A headshot of that value, assuming it wouldn't kill them outright, would immediately give them shrapnel, 150 brute, hard crit, a broken skull, and a large caliber bleeding head wound.
  2. When 3 fluid ounces of the active ingredient in bleach is enough to be lethal to a 100kg person, it's very, very, very lethal. You now know this. If I were to say (with similar capitalization) GO PLAY IN TRAFFIC, JUMP OFF A BRIDGE, GO STEP IN FRONT OF A TRAIN, SLIT YOUR WRISTS, EAT A GUN, etc., I personally (maybe not everyone) see no difference between that and your statement of 'FUCKING KILL YOURSELF'. It absolutely is. 'Go do this extremely lethal (or at very least if it doesn't kill you, will severely maim you) thing' isn't a nice thing to say to someone. Period, full stop, end of story, 'Why are we having this discussion?'.
  3. I did, and what I saw is this- >Statement that any comment you had made, even if hyperbolic, was sincere >A quote >A hyperbolic statement to someone in which you tell them to do something (multiple times) which would be almost invariably fatal. And then later >It was a joke. There's no transition, no reframing, no consideration, and certainly not even time passing (As both your messages and theirs are timestamped with the same minute), where you go from 'if it didn't sound like I was serious, I was' to 'Go kill yourself'. I don't care if you're the headmin, but the enforcement of the rules might (sad reality); if I were to tell someone to kill themselves in the discord, or on the forums, I'd be out on my ear so damn fast. And I doubt if I used the excuse 'Oh, come on... It was a JOKE! The person should have messaged me first before ahelping/going to a mod', I also guaran-damn-tee you that shit would fly about as well as a depleted uranium glider without wings. Ya done did something that would have gotten anyone else banned, pointedly speaking, so why are you trying to hide behind an excuse that would never work in a ban appeal?
  4. I agree with the above, as otherwise it's being said that the jobs mutes are most qualified for say 'What'll it be?', 'Can I take your order?', and 'Would you like fries with that?' which seems to be quite the opposite of a qualification. I think everyone agrees that botanists, janitors, cargo techs, and that ilk would be fine, and that heads, security, and medical personnel wouldn't. The thing that may be overlooked are those that fall in-between. Engineering primarily responds to calls (which mute people can do), rarely has need to broadly communicate to more than one person (which PDAs do) and are qualified to communicate in space without radio by any type of sign language. Research personnel after much the same way. A xenobotanist doesn't need to say too much, an engineer can easily send a PDA message to their boss, another head, or even just a random crew member or two to have them announce what may be needed over radio. So where do people think these 'middling amounts of talking' requiring jobs fall, in terms of necessary qualification?
  5. I only bring this up because you then and here acknowledge that, under the rules as written, a deliberate choice to disregard the rule with regards to respecting staff/others. It's not 'Don't be a dick unless they are one to you' it's just 'Don't be a dick.' Their behavior is on them, for sure, but this isn't about them; it's about you. You made a choice, chips fall where they may as consequence. If you don't see that as something done wrong on your part, then I'm not sure how anyone else's argument can be addressed in your favor with regards to their concerns.
  6. I know you have to warn me for it. While I'm not generally one to ascribe intent, I did notice this in the complaint thread, which strikes me as a bad-intent skirting of discipline policy insofar of, 'I know I was rude and it's against the rules, but I've not been warned before so this means the first one is free' as some sort of barrier against such displays of attitude against staff. Beyond this post, I've nothing to say other than it seems that such attempts are to bend what they can to their advantage as best they can to justify (or at least avoid punishment) for known breaking of rules.
  7. Not at all. More directly answering the Orginal Post, which existed some six hours before you decided to dial it back. This thread was conceived as 'I don't like backpacks, let's get rid of them' not 'Hey, what do you guys think of these backpack resprites?' And I said- you want to resprite them? That's fine. You want satchels to be the default? That's fine. But if you are truly mystified at how the reaction that you got at your original suggestion, I'm happy to lay it out for you again. And if you're going to ask how you choosing to not wear a backpack affects others, again it does not. But as said before- Of which they may very well not like.
  8. I trust you see how that can be confusing to determine it to be anything other than 'remove backpacks'. And that's the point- I can get behind the satchel being the default. And this isn't 'choosing not to wear them' as that can be done in game with less than half the griping, and is something many players have surely done without a peep. But your advocating for the removal of backpacks (or for that matter, any resprite) affects everyone who uses a backpack. Which you might have noticed, for all the people who 'don't care', there seems to be a lot of people immediately up in arms about it. If you want to make satchels default, fine. If you want to resprite backpacks, fine. But don't act like the phrase 'Hell, let's remove them alltogether. No more backpacks!' could reasonably be interpreted to mean 'I want to fix their sprite, not actually remove them'.
  9. Look out, he has pictures! In all seriousness, it's like... Three clicks. Maybe four. It's like lamenting about how if there's no job when you ready, it selects one randomly- Cool, you got an opinion, now there's something very simple you can do to fix it that literally everyone else who doesn't want a backpack does.
  10. If I die to a griefer, am I dead for good? While there exists a non-zero chance of my life being ended in real life by a deranged lunatic with a heavy chunk of metal (or more likely, a smaller chunk of metal that's very sharp, or one that can properly even smaller chunks of metal really, really fast), the amount of spontaneously homicidal psychopaths per capita, antags even excluded, is probably at least an order of magnitude higher than the common populace. So this proposal states, that it is obligatory that should such a fate befall me by a bad actor, that my character should disappear forever, even if that person gets punted from the server so hard, the time space continuum breaks and causes the film 'Das Boot' to retroactively become a blockbuster documentary about how hard that person was kicked from play. Hard pass on that one, and that's not even addressing the myriad of issues of things like, 'you're on the asteroid with no air and in hard crit, but alive when the server resets, so what happens to you then?', etc.
  11. Besides marking patient zero and providing a narrative link, does the trigger object have any mechanics with it, once in-game?
  12. I didn't say you breathe in external atmospheric air, but just that the pressure that the Life() proc (or whatever handles lung damaging) uses when determining whether to shred someone's insides is based off the maximum of the two. If you have no internals, then that's the maximum of 0 and Atmo. If you have internals, then it's the maximum of the internal pressure and the atmospheric pressure. Having lung damage being from a pressure gradient would be a solution, I just worry about edge cases of having your lungs sucked out through a breath mask when you open a low pressure bottle.
  13. Three code changes- Make it so that lungs rupture with a greater than 90kPa difference between breaths. Make it so that lungs use the max of exterior atmo and internals pressure in use for the pressure calculation. Make an exception for pressure suits.
  14. Worth noting then is that handcuffs (which are not inordinately difficult to obtain) constitute a significant resist time. What happens if someone has handcuffs on and is spiked? Which would you resist out of, first? Would you even have a chance of surviving on your own? This, I'd be okay with.
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