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    Incident Report - 11/16/2460

  2. JMJ_99

    super cool forum challenge

    Whoever upvotes this post first wins
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    Upboated!!!!!!! We did it reddit
  4. JMJ_99

    Xeno Shells

    With sytic. None of the species bar humans have a reason to have/want shell frames
  5. JMJ_99

    staff complaint - JMJ

    No u
  6. Support it for the same reasons as Mofo
  7. yes to the whitelist, no to the Legion.For starters why is Nanotrasen using a government Asset instead of a company one and how are they asking for them? We already have two distinctions of Emergency response, ERT and Heavy Asset Protection which basically already fits the aesthetic you described, ERT are Mercs while HAPT are Special Operators, I think instead HAPT should get an actual implementation outside of admin abuse and locked behind a whitelist and ERT should be nerfed
  8. JMJ_99

    vision cones

    I've seen this is in FO13 and honestly it makes combat a complete nightmare, if your vision was tied to your cursor I think it would be a lot better
  9. I made this ruling, it is a first attempt at forming an IC standard regarding it. I do not believe medical or security has preference, however if security wants to investigate a crime there should be a form of communication between departments. Just because there is a body doesn't mean it's evidence. Also I've seen CSIs refuse to let medical to perform autopsies which shouldn't be the case either.
  10. As jackboot said its a dark part of human history, how does TC manage to ignore it?