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  1. Grey is a great HOP! Been in round a few times, loved it every time +1 Marorr Azuwa is confident, cool does his job well each time and a believable professional.
  2. I've RPed with Eric she seems like a good egg; plenty of interaction and I'm happy to give my +1 to at least give her a chance in a command role!
  3. Having been on a place where LOOC usage was policed heavily, it felt dumb there and adds extra work for admins for things as minor as the occasional OOC comment for a little laugh - it used to happen a lot on the server that must not be named, and honestly felt like an excuse for mods and admins to bwoink people for literally nothing. There just isn't a huge need to police it, If someone is abusing it to post a ridiculous amount you can always mute it. You don't have to tape up other peoples mouths because you can't stand them having a chat. The only thing that I think that should be against the rules, is your third example where someone moans about someone else's gameplay/roleplay and kind of already is against the 'don't be a dick rule' LOOC or not. Does it get in the way of roleplay sometimes? Eh, I tend to find that if you start talking ICly again; you can pull everyone back into the room, it's never been an issue for me. People are always going to want to say things like 'this reminds me of this' and most of the time when that happens all of the LOOC interactions are quite positive as people have a little wholesome moment where they remember a previous round or something they've all experienced.
  4. I like Cyrus, he seems like a nice character and a good HOP. Except for when he left me and all my friends to die on a cult round. +1
  5. Okay... So it's a plurality voting system. If the Population (I believe this is what the claimed problem is) didn't want extended during the 'dead hour', they'd not vote for it.... Why take away the choice? If you don't want chain extended rounds Vote against them. Rigging the system so some of the player base (who like to play extended during low pop) can't have more than one extended round, when they're the ones who are actually playing is not good. TL:DR If secret gets outvoted, that's because a plurality of players wanted to play something else; taking away that option is not going to help population, you'll only alienate the plurality.
  6. Mel is a great community member and she'd be great as a mod ^-^ +1
  7. +1 ^-^ EDIT: Apparently I have to put a line in here... But I like Manuel Mills (who Ventii plays); who is a great representative of exactly how I imagine an Idris rep!
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