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  1. Nobody dies of a disease on the Aurora, and medical scanners can diagnose the damage well enough on their own, so you may as well remove the autopsy section of Medical's morgue if they aren't allowed to use it.
  2. I agree with N8's opinions above. Investigators should not be running around pretending to be security officers, but they should have the power to stop a crime they are adjacent to and detain offenders they encounter so a security officer can make a proper arrest. Only in severe emergencies like station-wide disasters and hostile invasions, and other causes of Code Red, should they be allowed to volunteer to grab guns and armor and help deal with the problem. And even then, they should probably be waiting in the back, handling smaller issues or assisting indirectly. Personally I like the idea
  3. That's a lot more votes than I expected to see, and I'm pleased to see the results. Is there an estimate on when this will be implemented? Sometime this week, or next week, or longer?
  4. I never liked the Detective/Forensics divide. It always seemed strange and unnecessary to me. What kind of investigator can't do both of those things? Even an officer with only a half-decent education should know basic crime scene analysis and interrogation methods. Being forced by role to do only one or the other seemed bizarre, and turned me off from playing a role I think I would otherwise greatly enjoy. I hope the merge happens so I can make a character for it without those weird restrictions hampering what I want to do. The remap itself also looks good for the most part. The offices
  5. I don't think the entire headset needs the color, just the main earpiece, especially in regards to the bowmans.
  6. Bicaridine OD threshold was lowered to 20u, according to the wiki. It seems I was just unlucky with the odds. I'd still argue it's an impractical treatment and it would be much easier to simply put them into surgery. Surgeons would still be very occupied fixing broken bones and organ damage, which usually accompany arterial bleeding anyway. When given the choice between slowly rolling dice and a certain quicker fix, most players would pick the latter, I think. I play Medical frequently and I certainly would, the OD treatment is only a last resort option.
  7. Not very effectively, based on the one time I tried it. I dosed the patient with around 30u and the arterial bleeding never healed, had to send them in for surgery anyway.
  8. By the time Command is calling an ERT, the people who could make use of the shipment of guns and armor are probably already dead.
  9. I don't think it needs to be balanced compared to the syringe gun. One is an offensive traitor tool for tatoring, the other is a medical device. Personally I'd like to see all the poisons in the game getting utilized so I like the idea of giving a tool to make them easier to take advantage of. Maybe limit it to just 5-10u darts though.
  10. I second this idea, or at least a new weapon that can do this, like a dart pistol that works like a superior syringe gun.
  11. Bar looks solid, That island counter adds a lot, and that's a good place for the sign. Roomy enough but not too spread out. Fits together nicely, and the cabinet will be great for keeping the place tidy of unwanted bottles.
  12. The ICU in the Medbay has a roller bed and a regular bed in it. I think it should be changed to either two roller beds or two regular beds. Also, please put a bucket in the Medbay's Custodial Closet, so I can use it to fill the mop bucket in there instead of having to use a beaker.
  13. It's a thin metal pole on small wheels. My character should be able to step around it easily. Yet when they're inevitably dragged into the GTR, they become the biggest obstacle in the Medbay.
  14. I don't think it would ever be staffed, though. I think most Cargo Techs would rather hang out in Cargo either sorting the warehouse or messing around. There's a reason the Commissary on the surface is abandoned.
  15. I'm really liking what I'm seeing, it's looking like a proper eatery. I like the layout of the kitchen, though I think the soda dispenser would be best suited at the front counter area instead of in the kitchen proper. The airlocks and grille-windows on the tiny private rooms seems a little excessive for them, maybe just windows and windoors? Possibly with curtains? The rooms themselves look good, and I'd hope they'd get use. The little rec room is a nice touch too. The north counter of the bar seems a little extraneous? I think I'd rather wall that off and/or use it for more bar space, s
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