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[Denied]Dominian Languages and Dialects

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Type:Languages, multiple

Region of Space: Empire of Dominia

Basic Description, Vulgar Morozi: A sub-dialect of Sol Common and Terran languages, spoken by Dominians, typically humans. This could be learned by anyone capable of speaking Sol Common.

Basic Description, Sinta'Morozi: A sub-dialect of Sinta’Azaziba and Vulgar Morozi, created by the Unathi who invaded Dominia. It borrows many Morozi words and uses Azaziba grammatical structure.

Basic Description, New Morozi: A purposeful mix of Vulgar Morozi and Sinta’Morozi, removing the necessity of the speaker being Human or Unathi respectively. While young, it is now being taught in nearly all cities of the Empire.

Long Description, Vulgar Morozi: Vulgar Morozi is the language spoken by the average Dominian, aside from now learning Basic in addition. As Sol common had only briefly been the standard language by the time Moroz was colonized, many disparate languages from Terra were also spoken by the colonists, and after three hundred years they meshed into a distinct dialect based upon common Latin roots, a mixture of Russian and Chinese grammar, and other colloquialisms. This makes it vaguely intelligible to Sol Common speakers.

Long Description, Sinta'Morozi: Sinta’Morozi is the language spoken by Unathi pirates who invaded Dominia after fleeing the Contact War. As the Unathi pirates spoke only Sinta’Azaziba and had no knowledge of Basic, their language has meshed with that present on Dominia, Vulgar Morozi. It takes phrases and colloquialisms from it while sharing some Azaziba vocabulary, and obeying Azaziba grammatical conventions. This makes it mostly intelligible to Vulgar Morozi speakers, and somewhat intelligible to Azaziba speakers. See the chart for a rough estimation of how I think they should interact, subject to change.

Long Description, New Morozi: New Morozi is the product of an official effort to merge the Unathi and Human culture on Dominia even further, and to give them a common language that would be relatively easy to learn for both species. It would be written left to right, with 28 letter alphabet, of which 6 would be vowels. Depending on whether the learner was Unathi or Human, their grammar and manner of speaking could differ, leading it to have a somewhat unrefined sound.

Contact Information:Pegasus#4965 on Aurora discord.



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Guest Marlon Phoenix


Humanity is meant to have very divisive languages to represent their distinct identities across the galaxy. However, we've established four major sphere of identity. The upper class of tradeband, the frontier class with gutter, the vanilla class with Sol Common, and the cosmopolitan class with Basic.

The Unathi are meant to be divided into 2 distinct classes. Unathi who live under the Hegemony, and Unathi who don't.

This would add a distinct new category for each faction and I am not sure that this is part of the design intent. Not all languages blend together and I cannot see a feudal structure enforcing a new language upon a diverse population in such a short amount of time. Dominia is bilingual and this is a part of the nation.

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