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[2 dismissal] Recording Discoveries, Advancements, and Constructions (IC/OOC)

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TBH we need more scientist testing werid strange shit that has no purpose to find cool things, like those cool guys that got Phoron to 10,000 degrees F but never recorded it in any way. ((My poor paperwork loving heart cried a little.)) But we should record stuff on the forums. Same with like engineering projects and medical things Non-antag/Non-Canon event caused. That stuff should be recorded and added to records/the forums etc. It would be cool to see the progress and a lot of lore could be written off that stuff. Engineering makes something epic on the Construction Level: "CCIA Agent //Put Agent here//, has looked over the edited Station blueprint, constructed and modified by //CE, other engineers// and has deemed it a possible permanent touch to the station."

The virus kills your character? No issue. We can just have a random joe step in but still show the virus is deadly. ((Unless you want 'em dead then, go figure right. This would be where the OOC steps in. Why its an IC and OOC policy))

Its been recorded before in a post? You can ICly reply to either confirm their test/observation or go against it!

If a robotics builds a mech and talks about upgrades and stuff, things they do and how it preforms, that should be recorded or at least have the option to be recorded so more departmental stuff can be built.

IF a scientist builds a heavy laser machine gun that literally wrecks shit. And then later another scientist, scientist B ((Because he read the post scientist A made this gun)), makes the same gun and then he finds it's shit compared to other things. Then it can start this whole IC issue where Group A test the gun and goes "Its good." While Group B goes "Nah mate, use our gun instead." This could push for new weapons for ERT and tbh Antags because of course antags would steal the good shit.

Now I know SAMPLe covers this but there should also be a place for NT itself, that is also encouraged to make post on and feedback from CCIA and make Command players, along with other players in the department. Or even OOC notes on things so we all can gain some IC knowledge and OOC knowledge.. Could be divided like:

IC: *Formal message and stuff, cool things*

OOC: *Notes about things/ things you may wish to watch out for.*

I did search for this, I didn't find anything that matched though it might have named something strange. Please leave feedback and such and ideas! Thanks much

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No, NO, not as you HAVE too, because thats not down for everyone. I want it encouraged. [mention]LanceLynxx[/mention]. It wouldn't make it fun if people had to do it. Hell medical, science, and engineering would become void if it was. I just want to be open and an encouraged thing to do, ya know?

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Voting for dismissal. I think this would be a great idea for a General thread, but I don't think something that's meant to be optional should be implemented as official policy. The point of it being made concrete policy would be to enforce guidelines.



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