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It would create some interesting opportunities if there was some point of failure for the medical's health monitoring system. Nothing that would irreparably remove it from the round, but similar to how you can turn comms off by doing the right thing, a way to make it so people's sensors are unable to be picked up would be interesting.

Much like with turning off comms, this should be an obvious thing - the medical consoles would display an error message instead of the normal list of names and some department (possibly medical or engineering, depending on how it is actually disabled) would have to go and repair or restore it, and during that time, crew members could be attacked or injured and no one could help them using suit sensors.

Possibly this could be tied to a random event like the 'ionospheric interference' one that disabled comms, so it's not always antags.

Oops I didn't do my homework this is already in the game.

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Couldn't you also just sabotage the monitoring computers? Of course, I don't know how many there are, so that might not be feasible at all. Even if there are only, say, three (medbay lobby, CMO office, and bridge would be my guess), that would be pretty prohibitive to the goal of knocking them out without getting caught.

The counterpoint to "Just disable telecomms" is that everybody hates when telecomms get disabled. But if Ron is right, and you can just turn off the messaging network, then that seems perfectly fine as-is.

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