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[1 dismissal] Tactical gasmasks for Security armory


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What the title says. Put tactical gasmasks in the armory so that Security masks look a bit more suitted for the job. Don't think it changes anything much, other than look.


iirc the tactical masks have armor

I could me misremembering though


name = "tactical mask"
desc = "A compact carbon-fiber respirator covering the mouth and nose to protect against the inhalation of smoke and other harmful gasses. "
icon_state = "fullgas"
item_state = "fullgas"
w_class = 2.0
armor = list(melee = 25, bullet = 10, laser = 25, energy = 25, bomb = 0, bio = 50, rad = 15)

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I think a sprite change of the gas masks would be the best option, or an alternative option at least to make it look like a security gasmask. Tactical gasmasks are more for ERT and such, and if Security REALLY wanted to have a tactical gasmask, they could steal stuff from maintenance even though that's Cargo Property.

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I still don't see the issue with tactical gasmasks. If the arguement is they have too much defense, then can that not be lowered? The only time they are ever in use currently, is at the same time as a full ERT Hardsuit. I don't think lowering their defensive stats to repurpose them for Security would be a detriment to the ERT's use of them.

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