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No more Magic Shoes


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It's bugged me for a while that wizards rely on not just obviously mystical clothing, but wearing a special pair of utterly nonmagical sandals, or, in a singular special case, literal 'magic shoes'.

I've always felt magic clothing should be enough, honestly. I feel like the shoes thing was only added in the ancient past to give players the ability to shoot off a wizard's feet to take away their casting powers.

So I removed the footwear requirement. Now, wizards shall be free to wear whatever they want on their assorted leg appendages.


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To be honest, I'm not opposed to this because the presence of shoes as a requirement is already little more than just an annoyance. Specifically removing shoes with the knowledge that they can't cast spells if they're lacking those is meta and if they're stripped they're probably getting their robes removed, which is a much more clear thing. So uh, I think this is inconsequential and can be merged on the grounds that it'll just remove a source of potential annoyance.

EDIT: Ninja'd by Arrow, but my opinion still stands.

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