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[ACCEPTED] Geeves' Vaurca Application

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BYOND Key: Geeves

Character Names: Geoff Lufvio, Kuhserze Ioraks, Rovumbo, Aruzi Ozehko, Touch of The Light, Trust in Everlasting Hope, Embrace of Rain

Species you are applying to play: Vaurca

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): (RGB 20,20,55) [C’thur Vytel Unbound]

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race: Besides the Dionaea, the Vaurcae is the one species that is truly alien in our lore. The vast majority of my friends on the server has played, or is actively playing Vaurcae characters. They somewhat peer pressured me into reading the lore without actively trying, but when I started reading, the lore gripped me. Bygone’s participation on the relay discord drew me in, and I truly enjoy what this is.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Besides being an insectoid, the average Vaurca has vastly different goals than your generic xeno character. They have an obligation to their hive, the bound not afraid to sacrifice themselves for the good of said hive. Thanks to recent events, the Lii’dra invasion, Vaurcae are viewed negatively and often gets discriminated against. This creates an interesting roleplay set-up, which could potentially be very fun to play out.


Character Name: Za’Akaix’Loez C’thur

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs


Za'Akaix'Loez C'thur was born of the brood of The Just Queen, and like any other unbound, given six months to develop naturally, before being implanted with a neural socket. This lucky warrior spent the next six months learning about everything to do with bombs and explosive weaponry. At the end of this period, they were given minor augmentations, speech to communicate with their xeno crewmembers, augmented eyes to handle the bright lights caused by explosions.

At the end of this period, they spent years in VR, plotting various explosives and chemical mixes in ideal conditions. When not testing explosives, they would boot up Xakat’kl’atan of Shifting Strategy, Za’Akaix’Tzel C’thur’s teachings, figuring out the usage of explosive weaponry consistent with The Prime Means. After it was deemed that their education was complete, they were sent to work aboard Nanotrasen’s flagship station, the NSS Aurora II, in accordance with the contract signed in May. Their aim to discover the real world, unideal and chaotic effects on such devastating weaponry.


now thizz is the ztory all about how

my VR pod got flipped turned upzzide down

and I'd like to take a minute

juzt lend me your trust

I'll tell you how I became the Za of a Queen called The Just

in west jargon traverze born and implanted with knowledge

in a colony is where I zpent mozt of my dayz

tinkering and thinkering relaxing all cool

and building some big bombz inzide of zchool

when a couple of Ta who were up to much good

ztarted sending vaurca to a neighbourhood

I got in one little zhuttle and I waz zcared

my Ta zaid "go to the aurora to build bombz there"

I begged and pleaded with NT day after day

They packed a zuit caze and zent me on my way

they gave me a job and they gave me a paycheck

I put on my hive cloak and zaid "well, thiz cool az heck"

top of the line, yo thiz iz rad

drinking filtered k'oiz out of a bartending glazz

iz thiz what the Vaurca of tau ceti living like?

hmm thizz might be alright

but wait I hear they're oppressed, bullied, all that

iz thizz the type of place they'd zzent this C'thur Akaix?

I don't think zo

but in my Queen I truzt

I hope they're prepared for the Za of the Juzt

well, the shuttle docked and when I came out

there was a k'lax looking like a Za with my name out

I aint getting into fightz yet

I juzzt got here

I sprang with the speed of Vytel, dizappeared

I whiztled for a cab and when it came near

the lizence plate zaid Zoleth and had mandiblez in the mirror

if anything I could zay thiz cab waz rare

but I thought 'nah, forget it' - 'yo Zo'ra, to aurora!'

I pulled up to the ztation about zeven or eight

and I yelled to the pilot 'yo Za, ta ta!'

I walked to the checkpoint

where I was thruzt

to blow up zome bombz as the Za from The Just


What do you like about this character? Despite being hyper-specialized with the creation, testing and handling of explosive weaponry, Loez is also tasked with figuring out how to “honorably” use “dishonorable” weapons on their own. While they can ask the hive for information, they seek their own knowledge and experience.

How would you rate your role-playing ability? I oftentimes have great rounds, and sometimes I do incredibly badly. On average, I suppose a seven out of ten.

Notes: A MASSIVE thanks to JamOfBoy for answering my barrage of questions, and helping me learn about the Master of Ideal Forms, Tzel, which I used for this application. (As well as writing that wonderful jingle.)

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-1 because then he'd play Ioraks less, for a bug no less

Really though, Geeves is an amazing roleplayer, one that I've always had a lot of fun interacting with, and I know he puts thought and care into his characters. I only know a little bit of Vaurca lore, so I can't comment much on that front, but he already holds at least two alien whitelists, and a command whitelist, which are all upheld well (for the most part). I think he'd make a fantastic bug. Huge +1. (also that spoiler fucking killed me)

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holy fuck that spoiler. Hilariously, it demonstrates knowing lore? Fuckin' hell, Geeves.

But also Geeves has proven himself as an excellent roleplayer time and time again, with well-upheld xeno and command whitelists. The lore checks out, glory to the C'thur hive. Having played with him as an engineer, as command, and as other roles, I definitely think Geeves can do the bugs some justice. And his OOC conduct is super; he's a great example to other players, as one wants from whitelistees. Absolute +1

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Some questions to help crystallize this character for me looks good though so far!

Where do you believe your character lives? Do they make a journey to Tau Ceti regularly, or do they live with others in their hive or hivecell?

How do you believe your character spends time off work, for example, have they picked up a hobby or, do they wait on scraps of VR like an addict?

Does your Vaurca begrudge their mother Ta/overseeing Ta for sending them to Tau Ceti?

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Honestly, I'm not exactly sure how much credit a phoron researcher aboard the Aurora would get for living space, but I'm sure he would prefer to live with the rest of his cell on Biesel, albeit in a higher-than-normal quality area, I think.

Loez is trying to get away from VR to get acclimated to the real world, he would most likely be helping around the hive and interacting, speaking and playing with other unbound in his free time.

Not at all, he was effectively molded from birth for this role, and he is incredibly happy to fill it. He finds enjoyment in building creations that satisfy the need of his brood. He likes working in Tau, as it allows him to fulfill his one duty. Although, he was, for lack of better words right now, nervous and scared about coming to Tau at first and will likely stay like that until I play him for long enough to become acclimated.

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