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Ghostly Board


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BYOND Key: Alberyk

Character name: Klavdiya Tikhomirov

Item name: Ghostly Board

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

Klavdiya offers her services as fortune teller, and sometimes as a mystic, to the crew during the time she is aboard the station, and the board would be an interesting method of scrying, drawing from the tajaran belief on the existence of ghosts.

Item function(s): It works the same as a regular spirit board, that you can find in the chaplain’s office or in the arcade machines.

Item description: An adhomian ghostly board, used in divination rituals. This one is blue and has the symbol of a moon on it.

Item appearance: Similar to the spirit board in game, but probably blue with white markings.

How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP?

In the same manner as the card reading, by offering it as a way of divination. People interested in it would take part in the ritual to use the board, it would introduce them to some of the character’s beliefs, and the tajaran lore on some aspects of its religion.

Additional comments:

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"Alberyk put a warning on my pristine record, -1" I rarely see any interactions regarding religion, much less tajaran religion. Overall, I can see this becoming an excellent rp tool to help pass the time on slow rounds and to have the character engage with others and work her magic voodoo ghost powers. +1

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Klavdiya has always been a staple of the bar whenever she's on shift, giving out readings and the like. I think it'd be a great addition of her own Adhomai-an flavor to her chaplain work. +1

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