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Add the ability for gardeners to put seeds back into their vendor

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The title pretty much says it all. It is currently impossible for gardeners to put seeds back into the vendor they get their seeds out of. This forces you to either cover your floor in seed packs or drag in a container and store the seeds in there. Either option is messy. I remember being able to store seeds before and it is a quality of life feature the lack of which just seems a bit odd.

I would therefore like to suggest re-adding the ability to store seeds in a place that is meant for it.

Thank you for your time.

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AFAIK making vendors un-stockable with individual goods seemed to be done in order to stop the exploit of filling empty injectors/bottles with reagents again. It may have also been part of the nefarious plot to make Janitor part of Engineering.

Since seed packs are single-use, I don't see the harm with letting them go back into the seed vendor. Depending on how the original code was changed it might make a little snowflake code, but it makes sense.

Alternatively, I think a smartfridge might be able to take them? Slap one of those in there?

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