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Forced Escape Pod Launch


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Basically allows anyone with access to the Escape Pod Controller, located inside any escape pod, to launch the pod. This will effectively remove anyone on the Pod from the round, so make sure there is a warning stating such before they launch.

Make it so emagging the Pod, launches it to a Syndicate Retrieval site.

This is really just so antags can actually leave the station if they come to the end of their objectives.

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I would be in favor for this. But, the pods should also launch once the escape shuttle also launches. It should also be a command access door (or just a high access door) until the escape shuttle is called, when it can be opened with no problem. It would make sense for there to be extra, smaller escape pods ON the station, just in case. They should have basic rations for a few weeks and an oxygen locker.

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I agree with this. But I feel that an early launch should be announced in general (Example: "Escape Pod Control: Pod #1 armed. launching in T-minus 5 minutes."). This segways to my next thing, The launches should not be immediate, and take around 5 minutes to finish prep and launch. This obviously doesn't apply if launching when shuttle launches.

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The time in Ben's suggestion is good, I think. Launch when the shuttle does, or a countdown to launching with a manual input.

Mostly, I really like the idea that there would be a way to re-route the pod to a syndicate retrieval area. As it is, it feels like antags just... end up getting caught if they stay on the station, or have to make up some reason to get on the shuttle. It feels like there's no out. Rather than an e-mag, though, I wonder if it would be possible to just have a coordinate entry on the manual pod launch console, where you could enter your uplink code or a generated random coordinate number to unlock a destination other than "Odin." I say this because I don't want people to have to feel like they need to allocate for an emag if they want to escape.

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