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Combat Cuffing and all its gayness


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You're in the thick of the fight, fighting off multiple people at once. Slashing cutting and so on, lost neck deep in red attack logs. Then suddenly! You can't move and your weapon is on the floor. Some Officer has passively grabbed you then cuffed you while you were fighting! You will now spend the next 1 hour in jail.

Basically, new Cuff Requirements.

1. If the target is on help intent, cuffs go on as normal.

2. If the target is on ANY OTHER INTENT, you need an aggressive grab and a pin to cuff them.

This should stop Handcuff memery.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

there's a lot you can do to counter it. Holding still is generally a bad idea when you are fighting. Moving every few moments when in melee allows you to avoid all attempts at such things.

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Counterplay exists. The limited amount of stuns and restraining in the game only punishes players with weak mechanics and a general lack of robustness. It is not so much a crutch as people tend to circlejerk as if it really is. A stun baton is powerful in the hands of the better player and almost useless against the better player, and the only thing handcuffs do is solidify a victory that was already won. When you are isolated and alone without backup, your round is likely to be over without tools to erase the mistake of being stunned. This is by design.

I follow this loop of general rules to avoid getting stunned and my round ended and I never really have an issue with being handcuffed, because if it happens to me, it was my fault being in a position that it was allowed to happen.

1. Don't get stunned. Wear anti-stun measures such as armor or voidsuits to counteract getting stunned. Pop strong painkillers otherwise.

2. Be the aggressor, not the defender. If you think a confrontation is going to be spurned by someone who has the ability to restrain you, be the one to strike first and last instead. Never be on defense unless you can guarantee you can down someone if you get attacked.

3. 3-tile spacing rule for anyone with a melee weapon that stuns or knockdowns, stay outside of that range and kite. Be more cautious of anyone within that bubble than outside of it. This increases to 5 tiles if they have a gun.

Security follows these exact same rules as part of their own strategy of the combat loop. This is conceptually not much different from how dogfights work for fighter planes, and you can beat the "loop" by utilizing this combat loop with faster and smarter escalation than your opponent. Be better than the opponent and you will come out on top when you're required to robust.

Getting handcuffed is not in itself the issue. You can't reasonably be handcuffed unless you are stunned or boxed into a corner, as you can walk straight out of the attempt or push the person handcuffing you away. You have about three seconds to respond to a handcuffing attempt while standing up and unrestrained.

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To be fair, if you're sitting there actively struggling in a fight, someone shouldn't be able to just walk up to you and slap 'em on. Do you see actual police handcuffing an actively resistant suspect in a passive manner despite the flailing limbs, or do the officers fight with them in the struggle and have to manhandle the suspect to where the hands are in a position to be cuffed- often being forced to the ground?

I for one give this a +1. It would help give antagonists a fighting chance against security when it's just one or two who cornered you. "Antags don't need more help." Well to be fair, both security and antagonists are equally guilty of crimes against one another. Plus, it'll be a little more realistic. The officer's intent should be equal to the offender's, or stun them/push them to the ground to "more fairly secure valids". I've had a few instances where even antagonists too easily cuff their victims, and this will help give their victims a fighting chance. I've had a vampire click and cuff me before in a dark tunnel as I was trying to fight off carp and the message of being cuffed eluded me, shortly resulting in my death. Dumb, right? And if it doesn't help to further the offender's RP of cussing as they're being forcefully cuffed, then it can always be reversed right?

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