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Add a stomach pump to the sleepers


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You might say, hey, we can already make a chem which induces vomiting or ask the patient to do *vomit, but here's the problem : it requires another player to co-operate.

You might not even get a chemist, or the patient is too new to the game to understand the mechanic, making you have to explain it out in LOOC.

It's draconian, unnecessary, and not fun for any party. No one wants to sit in a sleeper for 30 minutes watching a toxin slowly metabolise while being pumped full of dylovene. 

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I feel that this is going to add a  "Treat super quick and throw out of medical" mechanic. Diminishing roleplay to some extent.

Now Im aware that this will be optional, and the roleplay option will always be available, but Im fairly certain people will most likely just use this option  because its just easier.

Then again, the absolute state of medical is either.
A) Graveyard with absolutely nothing happening.
B) Literally everyone on shift coming flooding in with internal bleeding, ruptured lungs and/or missing limbs while explosions and poweroutages are swirling around you like a hurricane of shit.


As I have taken time to write this shitpost, I realize that this option would possibly make a good adition to B type scenarios, so Ill offer my support for some kind of stomach content deletion mechanic via the sleepers or other new types of machinery.

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