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Partial Research remapping

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Honestly, this is phenomenal, and I can't wait for it to get merged. I have only some small issues:

  • Can misc. labs get an OR somewhere, or perhaps stick it in the R&D area? Or sublevel? Any of these works.
  • I don't like the absence of windows in the Chem-Misc-R&D cluster. Sci chemists are going to get so much more lonely. Likewise, I don't see why the circuit lab gets a window to the hallway (instead of a window to R&D)
  • I hope you removed the no smoking sign in the conference room.
  • The circuit lab should have a cell charger instead of or in addition to the recharger. Maybe swap the lower R&D cell charger and the circuit lab recharger? Circuitry doesn't use these.
  • Did you remove atmos chambers from Xenobotany?
  • You elongated the firing range by 1 tile. Why?
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The new xenobotany has all the same atmospheric capabilties as before, as far as I can understand it. I have very little botany experience.

The firing range being elongated was not intentional and it'll be something I'll remedy soon.

Thanks your well laid out points, I'll think over the rest of your suggestions, and most likely implement them.


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I suggest swapping where chemistry and that extra table space are, perhaps. Otherwise...yes, yes, please yes. I've always be frustrated by the fact that RnD is literally the smallest area in a research facility and even though NBT is coming...whenever the heck it comes. Also, now a random guy failing to keep his experimental super-k'ois in check won't put the entire central concourse in danger and derail every other scientist in the area.

All I got to say in 'caution' is that I hope this doesn't do anything weird like with the missing tile on the sec sublevel, even though if it does, it'll get fixed.

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Your caution is well warranted, I've also been a witness to many mapping misses in the past. I intend to playtest my mapchanges a lot more.

Swapping those spaces could work too yeah, I'll give a shot later on and see how it pans out. Thanks for the feedback.

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I have just joined the round this PR was pulled. First of all, I can't see any major flaw and it looks really, really good. Again, thank you for this redesign. I have only one, very, very little thing I want to ask for. Please, don't ask why, but please rename the both first airlocks into the Xenoarcheology department into "Xenoarcheology and Anomalous Materials" instead of "Xenoarcheology and Anomaly Labs". Please. Please, please, please.

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