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Restrict telescience teleportation to station levels

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As I mentioned in dev, I think it would be better to rework how the loot is distributed throughout the derelict.

I would suggest the following approach to it:

  • Remove the static loot (that is causing issues) from the Derelict
  • Add a large number of random spawnpoints with a relatively low spawn chance OR
    Write a System that can dynamically select suitable spawnpoints for loot and spawn it

I believe the Ability to teleport to and from the Derelict is a nice touch that can be kept if the more problematic loot is distributed.

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Half-ass way of doing it could simply be blocking certain areas of the derelict from teleportation, force them to board it from non-loot areas and load it with fun little hostiles near the good loot. Make them need to work for their loot whilst not 'discarding' the possibility of visiting it via teleportation entirely so it isn't relegated to being a place you only come across when going on space adventures or drifting off when you forget your jetpack stabilization as a nuke op.

The derelict, whilst underused and mainly abused, makes for a wonderful playground for (group) antagonists. It'd be disappointing to see it made further irrelevant.

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