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Add ghost mob for rounds with pop less than 10

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So, essentially, I think it'd be neat if there was a chance of low pop rounds hosting a non-player ghost mob that simply travels the station, but always disappears within a few tiles of any player mob. I'm not sure how hard this would be to code, but I think it'd be a neat addition to rouse some questions about the prolonged affects of being in an area so close to the cloud. Whether they're actual ghosts or not, is left up to debate ICly. But for all intensive purposes, they have the same attributes as one.


Also, it should look like Nawfal

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[Common] Michael Sanchez says, "Jesus, my eyes are playing tricks on me."
[Common] Michael Sanchez says, "I could swear I just saw someone down here."
[Common] Sarah Auryn says, "Yeah lol, that's a ghost."
[Common] Sarah Auryn says, "This station is haunted. Lol. Everyone knows that."

as much as i like more spooky fluff, people will not take it as seriously as they should. and even if we rules enforce "you can't just know they're ghosts", what do you do when you literally see one keeping their distance from you in clear light? you can't really deny that, especially with bluespace ghosts being pretty much 100% canon (even though, depending on your point of view, it's not common knowledge)

how close is a few tiles? what if someone just stands four tiles away in broad daylight? or goes shooting down the halls sonic-style for no mf reason.

maybe something like this could be implemented for cult rounds, but not in any canon capacity. sorri :^(

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