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Character Feedback: Anya Orlova

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I've been dreading opening this thread for a long time, but I feel like I've stopped growing on my own as a roleplayer and I'd really appreciate some outside opinions and advice on how to better myself, and my character. Specifically, I'd love to hear about any bad habits and shortcomings that I might be stuck in with her that I'd otherwise not notice by myself. 

I'm also available on Discord at Jo#7482. Ad hominems and direct insults are welcome, and highly encouraged.

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Ad hominems and direct insults are welcome, and highly encouraged.

You suck.


But no, honestly? Anya's one of the characters I can guarantee I'll enjoy an interaction with on most of my characters, regardless of if they know her or not. It's an overall very chill experience, and Jo is one of the only people I can legitimately say who's opinion matters highly to me on a character I make when I give it. Not to mention one of the only friends I've made and wish to legitimately keep, even if I just up and leave the community.


Orlova is a character that, with flaws, has them believably. In /most/ cases. There's a few concerns I have in general with what you kept canon and what not, but that's primarily just me being nitpicky. I'm usually open with characters who are different or overly unique though, so honestly I don't have much more contribute.

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Prepare to be slandered straight back into the kitchen, wench of darkness~But seriously Jo your alright. I appreciate the banter and the sturdy will of not getting butt hurt. I like the back and fourth we have, I like to see you ic and mention something stupid and incoherent. I prefer to judge the player, not the character. Since it is who is behind that is most important to me. I remember that little meetup we had, it felt like we both subtly hated each other but were trying to get along. I loved every moment we were a dick to each other from thereon. As for Anya the character. She rivals Willow stubborn mule assness to me and its that little boost that makes it fun for me personally. So yeah. Keep being a bastard you bastard. I don't want it any other way.

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Very good girl, i interacted with her to make food for Ian and she made some Meat Kibble for me,  i also requested Donuts with the PDA for the security team since we ran out of donuts in the brig,  and she made a Donuts Box with all the love, you got in big problems now lass.. the Security Team loved the donuts and i will make you cook alot more! Gahahahah!

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