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[Resolved] Staff Complaint - JMJ99

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BYOND Key: VTCobaltblood
Staff BYOND Key: JMJ99
Reason for complaint: Unacceptably toxic behavior from a staff member, which is detrimental to overall health of the server. People with attitudes like these definitely should not be in staff positions, and I have a creeping suspicion that the only reason JMJ99 still hasn't resigned is because they want access to the staff chat. 
Last post on the forums from them related to an IR was two months ago as well, which I don't think is an adequate level of activity, whereas the latest IR they've actually processed was back in December. 

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I don't believe this kind of viewpoint (and I know well that it's a serious one) is productive, or welcome, at any level of the staff team. Staff should have a passion for the game, and a desire to work with the rest of the staff team. If they don't, and hardly engage with the game, they are here for no reason other than to make things tense, rouse emotion, and occupy slots that could be used by people with a far greater vigor to put in work for this server. It's what we're here for.

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Ok first off, the reason I've been inactive is because in January I had extensive Orthopedic Reconstructive leg surgery which I am still recovering from 4 months later, This has been spoken in the CCIA channel before. On top of this I have started university in February and dealing with the stresses of that. In the last week or so I've helped ben( @ben10083 ) with an IR, trying to get an interview with someone out of his timezone.

If I did not care for the game and server I wouldn't have joined Staff. My mindset is purely In character and in universe and thought that I would be able to help by joining CCIA. Constantly being put on blast and consistently being told what me and my team is doing is useless and what we're doing doesn't matter, doesn't constitute to good work effort and motivation for me. I left the public discord a couple weeks ago because of it but came back because I needed the members list to DM for IRs.  That combined with drama in an unrelated discord caused my mini mental breakdown the other day

I've blocked VT and Paradox on discord and encourage them to do the the same for me.

I'm heavily considering taking a break from Staff.

Thank you, hope we come to an understanding

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Okay, I accept the explanation for your inactivity. Though I would like to notice that CCIA is not limited by the amount of slots, and if you're going to be inactive, you can resign and re-apply later. Especially for a time like four months.

Everything else that you said, however, is only slightly relevant, and I have no reason to believe that you still care about the server, or your position. This is not about you wronging Paradox or me, and I can't care less for you blocking me, nor blocking you myself. This is about your overall attitude to other server staff and the server itself. 

Maybe you have applied while still caring about the server. However, people can change and burn out over time, especially with being put on a blast. If you take no enjoyment in doing it, you can quit. It's a volunteer position, nobody is forcing you to be here.

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5 hours ago, JMJ_99 said:

In the last week or so I've helped ben( @ben10083 ) with an IR, trying to get an interview with someone out of his timezone.

I can confirm this (although sadly the person in question has cut all communications via discord), and I feel like we need to stop beating people while they are down

1. Yes, what she said can be considered rude, but considering all that happened so far to them, I understand the need to vent off frustration.

2. There has been a general increase in dislike for CCIA and pushes from some vocal staff in regards to many things CCIA-related. This is likely the crux of what JMJ was upset about.

3. Overall, I am pretty worried over the increase of hostilities regarding some staff members and CCIA, and I hope that things calm down.

4. There is no doubt to me that they care about their position as staff and the game, after all, if they didn't, they would not be so frustrated about it in the first place. Caring about something does not mean you like it, it means you pay attention to it.

JMJ, I feel you are an excellent member of CCIA, and while I hope you remain in CCIA, I completely understand if you wish to take a break due to recent events and workload, and wish you the best of luck in your recovery


Overall, this boils down to a increase in hostility between certain staff members and CCIA, and I cannot stress this enough of the need to reconcile and return to regular business. 

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