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[Accepted] Tau Ceti's New Gibson

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Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Planet

Founding/Settlement Date (if applicable): 2167

Region of Space: Tau Ceti

Controlled by (if not a faction): Tau Ceti Assembly

Other Snapshot information: Unsure what to add here.

Long Description:

New Gibson is the second exoplanet to be colonized by humanity, shortly after the initial success of Biesel's colonization attempt, in 2167. While the economic and social powerhouse established itself on Biesel, New Gibson was set to become the industrial powerhouse of the Tau Ceti system. 
New Gibson contained a rich and valuable resource pool together with the highest concentrations of many valuable minerals of any planetary surface in Tau Ceti, in the form of highly concentrated ores. Highly sought after especially for the continued development of Biesel's fledgling colony at the beginning of it's life. 
After the 2452 declaration of independence, due to the massive economical recession the Sol Alliance was suffering from, New Gibson became an independent planet under the wing of the Tau Ceti Assembly, it currently has a representative on the State Senate in Mendell City. It's industrial output shifting from Biesel to accommodate a larger platform of corporations and interests.
Currently Nanotrasen owns a staggering 1/4th of the industry capability of the planet together with owning a sizeable stock majority of the planet's capital domed city, Hengsha Arcology. 
The Hengsha Arcology, or simply Hengsha, is a self-contained complex mimicking the landscape of Biesel, complete with parks, waterfalls and wildlife. This was not only due to New Gibson's extreme cold weather with permanent twilight days and nights but also because the colonists, and by extension the workers, would feel much more comfortable and be more productive in an easily recognizable, friendlier,  environment.
Almost 1/4th of the population is hired by Nanotransen, and almost all of the families living on Hengsha are considered middle-class, with the wealthy families preferring to live on the more lush Biesel and the lower class being forced to work in more unfortunate conditions.
While New Gibson has a complex dedicated to virtually all industries, from personal grooming equipment to advanced AI components, it's major industries are shipbuilding, construction materials, enterprise-scale medical equipment and electronics.

  • Atmosphere

The atmosphere of New Gibson is composed primarily of methane, ammonia and trace amounts of water vapors,  with temperature ranges from minus 243 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 153 degrees Celsius) to minus 370 F (minus 218 C). The upper regions, North and South poles respectively, being the coldest locations. On rare occasions radiation from Tau Ceti's sun and from space infrequently heats the stratosphere of New Gibson from minus 370 F (minus 218 C) to minus 243 F (minus 153 C).
The gravity of New Gibson is slightly heavier than Biesel's and it has a magnetic field protecting it from cosmic rays and solar storms, though not completely.
New Gibson is enveloped in perpetual twilight.

  • Geography 

New Gibson is characterized by huge snow-covered valleys, large solitary mountains (including Mount Tian, the mountain where Hengsha is constructed on), frozen lakes (or oceans) and vast frozen ice caves, the largest of which (discovered) is found at the Blue Mesa outpost.
Most of the planet is still yet to be discovered due to the extreme volatility of the weather, making exploration both expensive and extremely dangerous, even for drones.

  • Weather

New Gibson's weather is characterized by frequent very high wind speed snow storms. The snow storms are frequent, however once in a while New Gibson allows it's weary plains (and inhabitants) a rest with a long, if not quite welcomed, mild snowfall. Any outside contact must be kept within RIG EVA procedures, and EVA is strictly prohibited during the snow storms duration.

  • Fauna

No animal life has thus far been registered as far as the explorer vehicle drones have noted. This is probably due to the very hostile nature of the planet's weather. 

  • Flora

As with the fauna, the flora is non-existent.
Description and Features

  • Population Demographics
  1. New Gibson has a total population approaching three million, most of which are human. However due to the constitution guaranteeing the rights of "free travel" and "open immigration" the planet's population is constantly fluctuating, having a slowly rising population of alien inhabitants, especially Vaurca from the Scay’extiih’aur brood who primarily maintain state-sanctioned kois farms across the planets biodomes and outposts. The brood also maintains a large cavern just outside of the Hengsha biodome that continues to grow deeper to this day. About 3/4ths of the population is primarily concentrated in the capital city, Hengsha. There are numerous very small outposts outside of the capital city, and only one slightly large environmental complex, located and constructed in a system of large ice caves to the North of Hengsha, called Blue Mesa.
  2. Hengsha contains the largest, most up to date industrial complex ever constructed, integrated and dug in the large mountain on the side of which Hensha resides, Mount Tian. This large complex represents the heart and soul of the many operations on New Gibson.  NanoTrasen has bought many of the ports, construction firms, welding industries and other similar industrial firms, although the complex still contains a sizeable amount of independent and Assembly owned firms. Furthermore, Hengsha has its own academy called H.A. Wallace Space Academy, boasting an impressive number of industrial based studies and specializing in EVA operations. Named after Henry Arthur Wallace, the scientist and engineer who designed the Hengsha Arcology project.
  3. Blue Mesa, the second largest outpost in New Gibson, is a Nanotransen owned research facility (presumably), it is built similarly to New Gibson but in a modular fashion to allow extensions or "rearrangements" of departments. It's located in a system of large ice caves which span for many miles (kilometers) relatively close to Hengsha.
  4. Xerxes Biodome contains the larges portion of the  Scay’extiih’aur workers, which houses the New Gibson hive-net relay. For more information on Scay’extiih’aur and her brood, please see Scay'extiih'aur's history.
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I would like to add further information, but it would be best to have down the basics, I hope that the above is well written, please send me your feedback!


My inspiration came from the Tau Ceti's wiki description of New Gibson, Pluto, and a host of other smaller sources.

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40 minutes ago, Bygonehero said:

There are significant Vaurca presences upon New Gibson https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Ta'Akaix'Scay'extiih'aur_Zo'ra Does this conflict with your lore? 


Thank you for finding info on this! I knew Vaurca were on New Gibson, specifically the Scay’extiih’aur brood, but I hadn't searched deep enough to find a real reference to their living conditions on NG.

I have added a paragraph mentioning them and the Xerxes biodome to the Population Demographics, including a link to their history if people want to learn more about them, thankfully the Scay’extiih’aur brood are rarely seen outside of NG but they do increase in numbers as their borrow grows deep beneath the ice, which results in a steady increase of their kind throughout the NG biodomes.

Please tell me if I need to expand further on this! and thank you again for the feedback!

PS: I also added numbering to the Pop Demo, trying to find a better way to present the info without having too many simple paragraphed descriptions of each outpost. 

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1 hour ago, VTCobaltblood said:

This is fantastic and inspiring, and honestly, I think a lot more planets need to be described in this manner. Looking forward to see this added to the wiki.

Hi VT, thank you very much for the feedback! I still have a lot more information to add, and I am glad you like it. I also wanted to say the following:

  • There are some minor paragraph text issues that I will fix now.
  • I will want to add more information, especially about Blue Mesa, Xerxes, and the way the New Gibsonites live. However, this will happen after the main wiki is updated with the basics of New Gibson's planetary overview. 

Thank you again and please, everyone, do not hesitate to provide more info/corrections if you see them! :)

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