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Stronger Enforcement of SSD/logoff player policies


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Our current rules are kind of lax and it has created situations where people in danger can actively be dismissed when they don't respond to hails because the first assumption seems to be 'oh they must be SSD' and then write them out of their perception because we are sort of encouraged to ignore SSD people.  Sometimes there is a manhunt for them, only to find them passed out on the floor somewhere or just sitting in a cryo tube, which is kind of annoying.

So I have some suggestions for new policies that will help stop breaking immersion and reduce false SSD flags.
-Unresponsive people should be given five minutes to respond.  After this time, they are assumed to be missing and should be looked for.  If they are found SSD, put them in cryo or a bunk in the dormitories. (Preferrably cryo, because it clears the slot)

-This applies especially to heads, but anyone should be doing it: If you plan to cryo/leave the round, you have to ghost so your mob is deleted and people get a notice. Otherwise you're just going to sit in the tube impossible to find for 10 or so minutes and everyone is trying to find you when you show up on the cryo report. Not one likes this.  It takes you less than 5 extra seconds to type or hit the ghost button.  Just do it. If you think you're coming back, don't put yourself in cryo and go to a dormitory bed (or tell someone to drag you to one if it's urgent. Again, ~5 seconds of effort required here.)

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

SSD being visible on sensors would be fantastic. Currently medical has to manually update their status which rarely regularly happens.

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