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Central Command Announcements / Confirmation Faxes

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Central command announcements have a hefty power behind them. They can urge, and add onto the experience of the entire round no matter if its CCIA, traitor, revolution, mercs, or malf.


Central Command Announcements ICly are secure and reliable ways central command directs entire crewmembers and/or command to request, deny, or modify orders/directives. We need to stop treating them like a two year old can hack into the system. It is regulated by a large corporate entity, and no-adverage Joe can simply break into it. Signatures do not put merit if the announcement is real or fake. It would seriously add onto the round if command staff do not turn around emmedietly and send conformation faxes. They cost 12 TC (a big chunk) regardless for one.


Of course, if it is poorly worded, or written like a five year old made it, then yeah, that's a separate thing. At least give it some escalation people. 

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11 minutes ago, ComradeCorbyn said:

How do you propose changing it? 

I am unsure how CCIA handle it, and I think they at some point they may confirm depending on the content and announcement, and it is bwoinkable. I think we need to set in stone some things that can range it from minor - extreme, extreme being yeah, fucking ask. It depends on the announcement of course, and there may be some that warrants a confirmation.

For example:

  • Gimmick related, inspectors, security force, visitors, etc. I would avoid faxing about these
  • If there is a reassignment order for one specific job to another job, this isn't something unknown and extreme, follow it.
  • Regulation changes/experimentation, I wouldn't ask depending on if it makes like Murder a yellow infraction.
  • A department is getting shutdown, depends on how worded the announcement is, perhaps you can send a fax asking WHY if it is vague.
  • If the order is like, "The captain must be executed" then of course question it.

It depends on the fax, and how crazy it is. 

If its like, "Kill the captain" then I don't expect it to be followed that much.


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