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Adding three engineering "weapons"


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Hello everyone, here it is! My suggestion on what I am working on at the moment. I apologize that it took so long to make this as I am extremely tired from work everyday, bad month haha.

Anyway, I want to add to the game three items/sprites that can be used either as weapons or as engineering tools, they have two modes basically, depending on how they are used. They are especially used in New Gibson, but are prevalent in many other industrial sectors due to their ease of use and ease of creation. However, it is up to the devs and admins how they spawn/where or where they (if) are added.

Now, what I need is any type of feedback especially for the following:

  • Design, is the weapon/tool feasible, does it's design fit the Aurora universe and is there anything that needs to be added/modified for the sprite?
  • What components could be used to create the weapon/tool?
  • What damage or/and features do you want to see in the below weapons/tool descriptions?

I will start to explain each tool in detail, for a TL;DR you have the attached .dmi and tell me if you would like the 3 tools (Rivet Gun, Javelin and Ripper).

Rivet Gun: 

Description: A tool used to fix and lock in any small bits of loose rivets in the many small components available in general constructions. It can fix in roofs, walls, panels, skulls of your enemies, and many more!

The idea of the rivet gun is that it can be used as:

  • A screwdriver. A standard screwdriver, maybe?
  • Maybe a barricade upgrader?
  • Or as a gun. When aimed at the feet or arms, and if the target is near a wall or any object, it has a chance to "pin" the target to that object, making them unable to move.
  • It can be constructed out of: A cable coil, a basic capacitor, a  Basic Powercell and wires.
  • It's standard "ammo" is a rivet and a standard rivet loader (magazine) is set to 15 shots.

Javelin Gun:

Description: A tool used to lock in the heaviest of construction materials. It can be used to fix in bolts, massive walls, massive platings for ships, bolt the chest of your enemies to the ceiling, and much more!

The Javelin gun can be used as:

  • A heavy barricading device that locks in a door, the bolt can only be taken out from using a crowbar.
  • A construction tool used to create doors easier?
  • Or as a gun, when aimed at any body part it has a possibility of dismemberment and pining if the target is near an object. Due to the power it hits the body with, it can launch you a few feet back if you are hit by a bolt.
  • Extremely powerful, but extremely hard to reload. It uses 1 bolt per shot (occupying one inventory slot/hand) and the bolts are made from metal rods. It should be overpowered, but also rarely used for combat.
  • It can be constructed out of an advanced capacitor, 3 cable coils, 2 wires and 1 bolt. Should it be made out of a Sonic Jackhammer?
  • Can only be used with both hands free.


Description: A tool used to cut the many useless metals and components that need trimming in a construction site. Cut down bolts, doors, shave a bit off the head of your target, or make a quick escape if a door is welded!

The Ripper can be used as:

  • A device that can cut welded items, it can cut through doors and other objects easily.
  • Or cut your targets limbs off! Pretty self explanatory.
  • Its only issue is the small battery capacity, each cut takes 20 to 25% of the power of its cell.
  • It can be constructed out of a capacitor, 2 cable coils, 2 wires and a Laser Scalpel.
  • Can only be used with both hands free.

Addendum: I have attached two sprite versions of the Ripper, please let me know which of these you like more! Also, the ripper will move it's saw once it is turned on in a circular fashion! (to be added)


Now it is very important to note that the above are, of course, not only not planned (just ideas) but also very hard to implement. I am not a coder nor am I very knowledgeable in the ways of making a weapon from the ground up (sprites included). I will try my damn hardest to implement them, but pending feedback, it will take a while.

I also welcome any and all feedback, from the color of the tools to the construction materials and scope of these 3, anything is subject to change so...

Find your opinions, and tell them to me.

Much love,


Images below are in the following order:

  • Javelin Gun.
  • Ripper descriptions and V1/V2.
  • Rivet Gun.

Javelin Gun.png

Ripper Described.png

Ripper V1.png

Ripper V2.png

Rivet Gun.png


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Hell yeah! Just make it so the Javelin needs a Sonic Jackhammer to be made. For what's listed as it's ingredients, it would be incredibly easy for a traitor scientist to make a WMD and just dismember fools from afar. Jackhammers take a while to get at least. You'd need to wait until 20-30 minutes into the round at least. 40-60 at most.

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My only issue with these is I'd imagine most heavy industrial tools would have safeties so they couldn't be readily used on a person. I'd argue only have them usable outside of specific situations with either very visible, illegal modifications; or if we're going a little more sci-fi bullshit in exchange for more balanced limitations let e-mags disable the safeties (by claiming they're electronic or something even tho rl tool safeties generally aren't). Otherwise, I can't approve of just giving engineers easy access to better weapons than Security and most Scientists can get their hands on readily.

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