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Complaint on Butterrobber

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BYOND Key: Drwago
Game ID: b1z-cIAK

Player Byond Key: Butterrobber202

Staff involved: TrickingTrapster

Reason for complaint: Extreme lack of roleplay, killing crew with little interaction, keeping crew confined to a small room for a majority of the round and killing people who tried calling for a shuttle

The round itself lasted 3 hours and for the most part was just announcements about Sol bombing Bisel and Central Command and the AI(Butter) blowing apc's up. While this is semi ok for a gimmick, thats when it goes downhill as he begins to make essentialy most working around the issue unavailable and suggests we all move into the command center while he stalled to try and get a synth take over going, which ended up not happening, however at this point most of the crew was confined to the command center.

While I was outside helping a injured chef who fell down the elevator get to command bunker to get medical, somebody brought the idea up of calling a shuttle, which when I went back upstairs after ahelping to do this, used the spare id in the captains office to call for a evac shuttle as the AI had left us in the dark as to what was happening while it tried tio figure out synth take over without the proper borgs to do so.

Upon calling the shuttle the AI recalled it and shut the power off in the office I was in, then wordlessly blowing up the APC right next to me, causing me to become injured and die in the hallway as i died to my injurys and the now vented command hallway. Multiple others died in the hall aswell as the air was vented out.

Overall, this gimmick left a horrid taste of malf in my mouth, there was a clear lack of actual roleplay with the crew besides announcements about a bombing them him blowing apc's up while he stalled for the synth take over, and a general amount of non interaction aswell. 

Dieing is apart of the game and apart of the round, I accept that I died and that my death was valid, what I do not accept is how wordlessly they killed me with no interaction ,they could of even called the holopad and had words with me but they did not do this, and simply recalled the shuttle and blew me and the office up to get the spare ID gone and remove any way to call for a evac.

Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? (Yes or no, then an explanation for why not, if applicable.)

I did, i am unsure of how butter was handled


Approximate Date/Time: (The date and time of the incident. Date is more important but both are helpful)


3/6/19 around 12:40 pst

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Oh sweet another malf AI complaint.


yeah, gimmick didn’t go as planned, I bloated it with way to much. In hindsight, I should have streamlined the gimmick with time stamps instead of relying on crew reactions, which were limited. And I failed to understand the mechanics of the malf AI branch I had decided to take, resulting in me spending almost 10 minutes trying to figure out why the hell things weren’t working. But that’s my excuse for the shiftiness of the round. I’d note that almost all departments outside of the civilian/command areas were inhabitable, and I even opened the doors to the medical sub-level which no one took. (To my knowledge)


The reason I didn’t interact with you was because A.) a cyborg somehow disabled all of Telecomms and afk’d Before I could get them to fix it. I seriously did not understand how in the world they disabled every channel with such ease.

b.) I actually thought Mira survived, I know I wounded her, but I did not think she was in critical condition.

c.) I was not aware there were others in main level command, considering most of the crew was in the sub-level.

d.) the holopad was broken from my attempts to hack it, but with the PDA server gone and the muteness of Mira, it would have made little difference.

Edited by Butterrobber202
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What I gathered from when it happened, specifically related to Mira getting blown up, seemed like more of an unfortunate coincidence of mechanics. Apparently Mira walked away, and when that happened, the countdown for blowing up the APC was activated, and afterward Mira walked back. As far as I'm aware the machine overload cannot be canceled, and indeed with comms and such out of the question it would have been hard to provide RP in the first place, while the reasoning for blowing up the APC was fine. And while I personally didn't like the round myself, I do believe command was partly to blame for herding the crew into such a small space. That is all I realy have to say on the matter.

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Hokay so! Looking into this case, it seems like there were several elements at play to make this situation exceptionally shitty.

The main issue here is Butter's lack of knowledge in regards to how telecomms operates even after acknowledging how it was done by the borg in question that was responsible for it, and how holopads break when you hack them. With telecomms offline, the PDA servers follow suit, and Mira's muteness relied on these things for communications.

There doesnt seem to be any malice to what happened, just a series of very unfortunate events.
So as a resolution to this complaint, Im going to be have a quick chat with butter, staple a note on his account and call this a wrap.

Going to lock and archive this in 24 hours unless there are other concerns.

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