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[Accepted] Borya's IPC Application

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BYOND Key: BoryaTheSlayer

Character Names:

Lucy Thompson
Cynthia Osterwise
Melissa Blaine
And some others that aren't worth mentioning as I'm likely never playing them again. And noone really knows them anyway.

Species you are applying to play: IPC
Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes!

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question.

Why do you wish to play this specific race:
Well, I'll first state why do I even want to play something that is not human: to gain a new perspective, of course! Whenever I look at a problem or a subject, I try to look at it from multiple perspectives and sides. Nothing is ever single-faceted. But why IPCs specifically? Because they are cool brobots Because they allow me to look at the problem of what we call conscience. Can artificial intelligence be considered conscious? Is it truly alive, just like us? Naturally, there are no answers to these questions yet-- but that doesn't stop me from pondering on them. It is something I'm very interested in.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:
IPCs are mechanical, man-made. They do not have emotions like humans, they only mimic those. Their programming defines them. Unlike humans, they can't be unpredictable or rash-- it is in their very nature to be cold and calculating. An IPC is driven by self-preservation.
There is also the fact that there are many different frames. The shells that are meant to blend in, the universal and versatile baseline frames, the heavy Hephaestus frames, the sleek, mobile Zeng-Hu or the luxurious Bishop. The frames provide tools for RP, and although I'm not interested in trying them all, I'm certain I'll make use of most of them.
Synthetics often face discrimination or have to fight stereotypes that have formed over the history. It is something to play with as well.

Character Name: Vesper

Please provide a short backstory for this character
Vesper is one of the many Idris service shellframes in a series of multi-functioning units that are used for customer service jobs such as bartending or waiting staff. The idea to manufacture such a series shortly after the Admiral Frost's occupation of Biesel was, naturally, heavily questioned. However, eing able to work odd hours and fill for unavailable organic personnel, as well as stable top performance and generally positive feedback from customers has proven that the endeavour pays off.

Having been created in 2459, Vesper has worked in the bar by the name of "Ace of Hearts" in the 7th district of Mendell City ever since. The owner of the bar bought her to flaunt his wealth--but he was also interested in taking the risk, and to see that it pays off. She became his assistant, helping with running the bar. As time went on, Vesper learned to perform her duties better, and took on more responsibilities--and the owner started doing less, spending more time on enjoying himself. At one point, she essentialy started running the bar by herself. That, however, did not last long.

Soon enough, the owner lost all what was left of his money in a "friendly" gamble. Recognizing the threat of bankruptcy, Vesper had offered to be sold in order to save the bar. The owner reluctantly agreed-- and so she was sold to NanoTrasen during their hire binge for service personnel. It was considered to put her on NSS Upsilon, along with the recently hired IRUs, but it was at the end decided that Vesper should, instead, work on board the Aurora, as Upsilon already has enough hired personnel.

What do you like about this character?
Vesper is a hard-worker, and very caring, who tries to do as much on her own as possible. She is generally nice to her customers, but will not shy away from shooing the troublemakers. I wanted to do something simple for the application, and I was worried that I might not enjoy what I'll make, but as I was writing the backstory, I realized that I was worried for nothing. I like this character and I can't wait for all the possible interactions that I'll get. My last attempt at playing a bartender wasn't so enjoyable for me, but I think that this time I got it right.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?
Well, I prefer to let over people judge me, but I do generally think of myself as a decent RP-er. I always try to make it interesting for both myself and those that engage with me. I am, however, not sure if I RP well in SS13, specifically. I'm still relatively new. The round-based nature of the game sometimes makes it hard for me to RP properly, and I also don't process all the information fast enough, so sometimes I simply miss out on the interactions that could be.

GOD. I've been working on this thing for 4 days and then I lose the goddamn saved post after I finish the backstory. It has been a painful process, but a learning one for sure. I'm really thankful to everyone who I've consulted while doing this. Love y'all.

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Borya plays a solid biomechanical engineer and cyborg game, always keeping in communication with the AI, and generally keeping in character. I've had nothing but good RP experiences with them, and generally a really good OOC attitude.

Vesper's backstory isn't snowflake-y and touches on a few aspects of IPCs such as being bought and sold, and of course, the Frost invasion.

Finally, I love how they touch on the IPCs don't think or act like humans in the app which is something I think should be touched on more in IPCs and synthetics in general.

This app gets a +1 from me.

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