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Wolf Mini Custom pAI Sprite

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Byond key: Kaedwuff
Discord key: Menthe
Character Name: Wolf Mini
Item name: Wolf Mini Edition: Personal AI Companion Custom Chassis Overlay
Item function(s): A custom pAI chassis skin
Item description: A more dog-themed chassis for use with the Wolf Mini pAI personality.
Item appearance:  WolfPaistand.gif.cc68cf23104f47af2df0acc7f0cfdb20.gifWolfPaiSit.gif.ab2c18d06a926d84469507c0fb5ac953.gif(These are just previews, full DMI file below.  Thanks to smallgreenant for sprites!)

Why is your character bringing this item to work?

Tired of the same old cats, rats, and rabbits cluttering up the personal AI landscape? Bored of the generic maintenance-drone styled defaults?  Wondering whatever happened to Man's Best Friend in these high-tech days of phoron and robots? Take a trip back to the wilder side, with the new Wolf Mini Custom Companion skin! Cynodine Industries is not legally responsible for increased levels of awoo in the local environment caused by customers selecting this companion model.

How did your character obtain this item, and what value does this item have to your character?

The first in an experimental line of synthetic operating system mods designed to go with the increasingly popular - and sometimes, controversial - Wolf AI personality skin.  A versatile synthetic personality skin, the Wolf-style AI personality overlay is currently sold in three models, - Wolf, intended for high-security stationwide integrated personalities, Wolf Mobile, the more cost effective personality overlay suited for industrial robotics use, and Wolf Mini, the most simple and easy to obtain variant of the Wolf line, often installed on personal AI companions.

Cynodine Electronics is pleased to finally release a chassis model to go with the increasingly popular Wolf Mini companion product! Made exclusively for pairing with the Wolf Mini personal AI personality, this custom chassis will make you the talk of your friends and coworkers.  Available for purchase in personal consumer use or by for general company use by employees via contract, get your copy of this wildly popular new chassis skin today! Custom chassis product is reserved proprietary property of Cynodine Electronics. Use outside of pairing with the Wolf Mini personality skin is strictly prohibited by law.

 How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP?

It's long been a disappointment to me that there is no appropriate pAI skin for use with my personal flavor of AI personality.  So I want to add one!  No longer will Wolf Mini be forced to be a mouse or drone.

Sprites: WolfMini.dmi

Additional Comments:

I spoke to alberyk about pAI custom skins, and he said it would 'require some extra code, but it is not hard'.  So, I made this application!

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