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Staff Complaint - Readthisnameplz

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BYOND Key: Rosetango
Staff BYOND Key: Readthisnameplz
Game ID:  b2j-dkK5 - b2j-dHO4
Reason for complaint: Did highlander around ten seconds before restarting the server, disrupting RP. It's more or less I take issue with how she went about it, and feedback. She didn't consider a vote because it was the last ten seconds, but when me, @Scheveningen, and @Allakai took issue with it, she basically told us she doesn't care and used the Man Up command.
Additional remarks:

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I used the man up command because that is exactly what you all needed to do. You three were being overly salty about something that was supposed to be taken as a light joke. It was the last ten seconds, perhaps even the last five. (I lagged slightly before I could restart.) 

Two of the three of you were being very rude with you "feedback", snarky, attitude driven and downright malicious. I was informed after the round, that Alb had made changes to the directives regarding highlander and other situations like this. 
It is, and exactly this - " If admins are doing something of the like, they should consider a vote,"

I considered a vote before I did it. I thought to myself
"It's the end of a NON-CANON round, and we're restarting in ten seconds. A vote takes a minute, there is no reason, and no harm will be done with this. It is a meme." 

A certain head staff member also told me to start running meme "Events"  (in a joking manner, but he has a point) because it is a meme and there is nothing to complain about when a meme is made. 
I have no issue with you guys not liking it, but I had an issue with certain people being toxic/rude with their complaints.

So yes, I didn't care to listen or read the toxic messages.

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Oh, and I'm sorry if I come off a little annoyed, but this is simply silly to me. This is not the first time people have gotten upset with me for trying to add something a little different to the generic round. 

I'm sorry if you didn't enjoy it, but there is no reason to be rude about it.

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