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Bridge/AI updates


<t>Do we wish to bug skull to make these our new bridge/AI</t>  

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As most of you know, there has been several posts about issues with the bridge and AI configuration. As a result, I spent the last day mapping out an alternative. Note that no piping has been added.

Bridge redesign - Expanded HoP, Captains Office, Meeting room, and Main Bridge. Added a dorm area for heads of staff.



AI Core - rotated 90 degrees, enlarged mildly, reinforced to create a challenging atmosphere, moved of construction Airlock near security.



Please post comments and vote on your opinion.

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I can't load Gyazo on any of my machines, could someone post an alternative host for the pictures?

This concerns me a bit:


AI Core - rotated 90 degrees, enlarged mildly, reinforced to create a challenging atmosphere, moved of construction Airlock near security.


Does this mean pointing the AI core airlock towards security? I'd like to say it really should be pointed towards research or engineering, as the RD and CE are most responsible for the AI and it's core respectively. A malfunctioning AI is, technically, something the RD, CE, the Captain, robotics, scientists, and engineers (in order from most to least responsible for the functioning or disabling of the AI) are supposed to handling, with security as backup against its borgs. Having the core entrance face security enforces security as the the first answer to yet another problem, which is not something that is needed here.

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Looking at the picture: That is really way too close to sec! Way way too close! I'd suggest an entirely different area for the AI please!

The rest looks quite smexy though. Cap's office, meeting room, teleporter all look /fantastic/.

Asthetically I'd like it if the HOP's door was moved down a bit and made into a double even with the entry door to that area, then the whole "snack/break room" area of the bridge separated off and given a table and some chairs maybe? An asymmetrical bridge bugs me for some reason.

Edit: Ian shouldn't be in a pen. Put him in the office proper and expand that fire closet to cover the current pen. :P

Edit/Edit: The aft side of the HOP's office should have a door instead of a window. So he can invite people into his office without having to let them through the bridge. He's supposed to meet with people after all.

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The AI was put there because we don't want a satellite AI, and that is the only reasonable place to put it without massive map changes.

The snack area is actual not a bad idea. Im keeping Ians pen, as it A. keeps him from pushing you, and B. can be a project for Engineering to convert into a file room or such.

As for it giving security the vibe of its our job to fix, not really. because they should not be ramboing in there and behavior like that would draw admin/ DO attention

Edit: Few changes made to bridge area. http://gyazo.com/c8b3a42d4abca6319d51fb3681b3ebc0

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The entire Bridge redesign section looks way too huge for what it is, in my opinion.

Pretty much this.

The main area of the bridge and the dorms themselves seem hilariously open and rather empty because of it. They either need to be reduced in size or have something filling them, AKA: tables, seats, extra vending machines, or in the case of the main bridge, perhaps expanding the various computers away from just the top of the room. There's also a notable lack of emergency lockers anywhere in this redesign, for what's both a well-used and somewhat public (in a sense) area.

To sum it up, I love the bottom half, but the top half feels like an awkward, oversized waste of space in many respects.

(Also cutting corners with your walls just looks really cheaply done: [The whole of Ian's grassy area, and the purple/gold bed in the dormitory.])

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Two things.

The bridge seems too spacious, with not enough stuff and variation to it.

Some potted plants, tables, and maybe some other little things would go far in making it seem less massive.

The AI core is a big rectangle of reinforced walls. This is not very nice looking archatecture. You might want to add some rod lactices to for strutting, and maybe try to make it less boxy.

Edit: you also cut off the Maint area, which might mess with the mulebot pathing.

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This is not good, you're making Security even worse. Any pirate who got word of this station, could just pop open some walls, take down some turrets, and steal multi-billion dollar technology. Oh, and is they're not in the mood for that, maybe they could just pop by the vault, take some hard cash. Or, maybe the Syndicate are asking for a bunch of guns, well, let's just raid their vault!

It's not that your map is the problem, just the main one in general has that issue. All the places you don't want people to go, are really easy to get to. Like, who would keep the armory and the vault on the exterior edge of the station?

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Love the idea of command dorms, the teleporter, command restroom. The captain's quarters looks AMAZING. It all looks really cool.

Two things I wanted to address, though. The main bridge area is way, way too large. Larger rooms are not appealing. I like the 'cramped space station' aesthetic that most Aurora areas have going. Maybe reduce that? Add some tables, or a desk area? Something to make it not look like a storage warehouse with a desk on one end.

Second thing. The general security of the bridge is reduced considerably. Breaking into command areas here would be incredibly easy. Too easy. Any decently equipped intruder could easily crack into most of these areas in no time at all. It's hardly a secure area anymore. Needs more fortification, imo.

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