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stev's garfield erp group application (Taj)

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BYOND Key: Memescope McGee

Character Names: 



Species you are applying to play: Tajaran

What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Light grey-brown (Hharar)

Have you read our lore section's page on this species: Sure have, officer.


Why do you wish to play this specific race:

I’m playing whitelist pokemon I really enjoy the war-torn home planet and recent history of massive conflict, playing out across a cultural (and physiological) backdrop of rigid castes and decadent, oppressive nobility. I also greatly enjoy the darkly rich folklore and religion that makes itself felt throughout society and its conflict with both the secular Republican state and conflicting religious sects and cults.


Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

The bred-in caste system, fraught political history and potential for interesting backstories involving extremely morally grey military conflict all make the Tajara pretty interesting to me. The castes are, to my mind, the most unique part of the Tajara in that each have their own cultural history and beliefs but also physiological specialisations and severe discriminations based on those, perceived or otherwise.


Character name: Vyazhdoun Hrratkaczhvi

Character backstory:

Vyazhdoun was born in the winter of 2430 to a Hharar family at the tail end of the Great War relocated to the outskirts of Orul, Ras’nrr, under the young People’s Republic. Enjoying favoured treatment as the Hharar son of a Republican veteran and a midwife-priestess of Marryam, he experienced little of the Republic’s ugly side. Finishing his basic education with middling results and taking some training in basic nursing, he was happy to live his life as a simple local healer; then the ALA declared its rebellion, plunging his home continent into war once again. Having heard his father’s stories of the horrors of war, he volunteered his meagre abilities with the Ministry of Health, serving as a nurse in civilian healthcare.

On January of 2458, the Ministry of Health began implementing the Rehabilitation Program, the beginning of the infamous re-education camps, to which Hrratkaczhvi was re-assigned. He saw the horrors of the camps first-hand, tending to wounds sustained in re-education and even assisting in some of the more experimental treatments. He saw Tajaran men, women and children tortured merely for the crime of different views, different politics, different faiths. He had had enough. He planned to lift a guard’s pistol and end himself.

A subversive prisoner reached out to him, the day he planned to do it, offering a way to change the course of fate, which Vyazhdoun desperately accepted. To his surprise and exaltation, he was relieved of his post, another nurse taking his place and handing him some paperwork. It was only after the train ride to Al’Mari City that he realised the papers listed him as Doctor Hrratkaczhvi, a newly reassigned practitioner up for promotion at the city hospital under NanoTrasen contract. There he met another of the subversives, a doctor driven to the edge by stress and resorted to taking on the fate of another, a mechanic, who took on the fate of a clerk… Vyazhdoun realised he had been inducted into the ranks of the Raskariim, now far too late to back out. He transferred offworld to try and escape the maddening influence of the cult, flying for a station in Tau Ceti, the NSS Aurora, but the hooks are in too deep, the only option is to appease Raskara, to keep overturning fate, to throw down the old idols, to keep playing the charade, to do what the messages say, to hide from the Republic, to try and do some good in this retched world, to turn more innocents to the way of the King of Maggots…

To keep on living another day in the hopes he will be free from the Dark Moon’s grip.


What do you like about this character?

I really enjoy the subversion of the archetype of the sensitive soul traumatised by horrors they’re forced to perpetrate then getting inducted into an ominous subversive cult and playing an unwitting role in strange machinations. I’m also hoping it’ll be really interesting playing a character who’s ICly outright fraudulent and constantly terrified and anxious about getting found out by either the Cult of Raskara, NT or even the PRA.


How would you rate your role-playing ability?

Solid 8-9/10, please massage my ego.





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I'm extremely tired, but I'll write this anyway.
Stev's a great RP-er and it's always a blast to interact with them, both IC and OOC. I pushed him to post this app because it's a pretty original concept and we need more cult cats that I really want to see in-game. So, go get'em.
+1 from me chief

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Oh! You're the player of the GetMore IPC? Well this makes this a lot easier to talk about.


I do not think I've talked much with Stev OOCly but if Borya is giving this the pass then I got no issues. Now IC wise let us speak, yes?


The other characters I apologize to admit: I do not know. GmC is kinda the only character I know and I gotta say I like him a lot. Solid rp, a good character, and certainly something that caught my eye and is notable. Glancing through your application I do not quite see many issues and I certainly find the pre-made character picture you got going very nice.


I will give this a +1 due to a great character and a wonderful application and because you got a laugh out of me.

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-1 due to the erp joke.

I have some questions before I can decide;

What are Vyazhdoun's toughts on the civil war, does he supports any of the sides, and why?

What was/still is Vyazhdoun's religion? Does he believe in the Suns or in the Ma'ta'ke pantheon?

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45 minutes ago, Alberyk said:

What are Vyazhdoun's toughts on the civil war, does he supports any of the sides, and why?

While Vyazhdoun was raised a PRA patriot, he has become disillusioned with the Republic's brutal methods and believes the Republic desperately needs internal reform, not another war; he will, however, be trying to publically appear to be a loyal Republican citizen, as he wishes to avoid as much attention as possible from PRA authorities.

He is somewhat sympathetic to the plight of the ALA/DPRA but is quite skeptical, having seen many injuries from ALA action. He has no sympathy with the Njarir-worshipping NKA.

51 minutes ago, Alberyk said:

What was/still is Vyazhdoun's religion? Does he believe in the Suns or in the Ma'ta'ke pantheon?

Vyazhdoun believes in the Ma'ta'ke pantheon, seeing the existence and influence of Raskara to be consistent with the pantheon's mythology. He believes that Raskara has claimed him as its own, dearly hoping that he might one day escape its grasps, retaining some faith in the mercy of Marryam, the patron deity he was raised venerating.

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