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[1 dismissal] Bridge Bunnies

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Let me boil it down real simple.
We have an area in the bridge with about five command chairs, each having a little station with specific consoles. But, we have no people to staff it.
Here's what we could do.
Remove the AI (preferably, as with it they'd be redundant), and in its' place, we have 4-5 bridge assistants (5 if we want them to fill every chair, 4 if we want the Captain to man the center chair.) They will fill the void of the AI's previous functions, including relaying messages, watching things over cameras, using the various consoles (and menial tasks such as getting the Captain his very-specific coffee.). We could implement some more functions to their consoles, such as rudimentary control over airlocks or other machinery. We could also allow their holopad to call people without requiring anyone to pick up. As their former counterpart, they do not have any actual command over crew (except probably assistants, they are pretty much just secretaries getting experience), just functioning as an oversight/logistics role. Also, the bridge area could be shrunk a bit so that they could all communicate with each other verbally. Species restrictions can be spoken about as well as if it should require a whitelist (I don't believe so), uniforms can be spoken about but it'd be preferable if we directly ripped Kim, Sammie, and Vanessa's uniforms from Robotech (the uniforms are a joke for legal purposes. if we did tho there could be one with pants.)


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Like anyone besides HoP and Captain stay on the bridge? Honestly bridge is deserted place for command meetings and antags to attack. Putting more people in to command doesn't really ICly counteract AI, AI has no wage, it's sleepless, it can instantly travel via cameras and such.

That was serous answer, now actual answer this post deserves:

too big nerff. not enough players. not balanced enough.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Aside from the patronizing term used to describe the intended characters (females) the mechanics of this are unfeasible. Too many job slots whos entire existence is to sit in the bridge. I worry it would become as isolated as xenobiology. Its also very easy to disrupt the entire station by venting the room or breaking in as antags, where an ai is more reliable in emergencies due to their hardened position.

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While the idea of a command secretary is fantastic, I'm not sure if replacing the AI with 4 people with the same powers is a good idea. Many people already lament the AI's power to shut down antagonists, having four people watching cameras (five if you count the warden, 5+n if you count R&D) will make this problem worse. 

4 people on the same job is also a pretty crazy amount. Other examples of 4-slot jobs are things like MDs or scientists, where it makes sense because they are highly specialized via alt titles. Normally, you would expect there to be just one secretary, not four.

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As a person that plays AI a lot I sadly cannot endorse this. 

Also I agree with karolis to a certain extent, I do no think there would enough to do for them, implying we even get 5 bridge assistants. 

Relaying messages? Don't think they would be needed for that. 

Holopad communication the way you describe it sounds like a good idea. 

I do not think the other consoles get really used in the bridge because they already exist in their respective departments, meaning they don't need to contact the bridge assistant if they want something from it. 

I fear that if you have 5 people on permanent camera duty that they will severely limit antags ability to roam and do things unnoticed, the AI now has to decide whether to keep tracking or do other things, granted they have the follow command but that can easily be rendered useless. 

What about stationbounds? With the AI gone they will have no master unit. 

All in all, it has some good aspects but the cons outweigh the pro, IMO. 



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