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Actually a good deadchat

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I made a topic a while back about improving cloning procedures, in which I brought up this, and after thinking it over, I guess I'll make a full suggestion out of it.

Let me start with why I want to do this: Being dead sucks. There's a minimum wait time of 20 minutes before you can take part in the game again (which is one sixth of a minimum round, and that's before you get into the shuttle, get to your office, and get your gear before you can even attempt to do what you want.) and while you're dead? What, roleplay? The thing you boot up the game for? Nope, fuck you, your miner's boots didn't work or someĀ antag set their sights on you and you had no say in it, so now you get to do nothing for 20 minutes. Being dead is boring and stupid and as a result dying ingame becomes stupid and annoying and infuriating.

A way to fix this, in my opinion, is to seperate dead and observer OOC chat and add in an actual spirit roleplay chat. This way you're not excluded from the game entirely when you die, and gives more meaning to some actions certain antagonists can do (think a wizard entering the spirit realm for a while). Of course, a problem arises: There's going to be people observing and there's going to be actually dead people. I think observers should be able to see the spirit roleplay, but be unable to take part in it. This way, they can still opt for antagonist actions requiring a spirit, without disrupting any spirit's roleplay. And hey, while we're at it, this might even tie into some things the chaplain can do, outside of messing with cult, vampire and wizard.

The goal of this idea is to make dying less stressful and annoying and give people something to do in deadchat other than bitch about how they died. That can still be done in the deadchat OOC, but alternatively they can actually roleplay as spirits, maybe even slightly haunt around their body.

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Spirits can roleplay numerous things. Getting to grips with that they died, the fact that there's an afterlife or even just "holy shit I can fly now". It would just fix up a lot of inconsistencies with some antag abilities and hey, we even get to not feel like complete shit because our RP got shut down after a death.

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Making deadchat IC would be interesting at best, though I'm not sure if it would be feasible/worth putting effort into considering the usual SS13 expectation of deadchat is that it is a place you go to to complain about how you died and otherwise talk about the round, or just general stuff, etc. Being dead as a ghost would have to have impact in some way to justify the removal of the OOC facets.

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