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IOV Rankov - Crew Manifest

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Incoming Transmission

to Odin Airspace control from IOV Rankov

Grreetings Odin! Powerr and independent corrvette IOV Rankov is coming in to dock. Rrequesting clearance to land at Berth 267A! Please respond! Forrwarded crrew compliment and carrgo manifest to your terrminal and rrequesting loading team to assist with carrgo hauling.

Beginning trransferr of crredits to account an- GAH Rash'hed No! Stop! Stop tickling him! Please! He is on the rradi- *click*


Greetings folks!

This is the centralized IC thread for the passengers, friends, contractors, and visitors to the IOV Rankov, a small corvette that Khayyam built/owns. Anyone who was invited, or wishes to be involved with the adventures of the Rankov can feel freely post IC and OOC notices here! If you have a character that might be interested in joining this merry band of misfits, feel free to post as well and look for Khayyam in-game to ask about it.

What is the IOV Rankov?

The Rankov is a power ship, which specializes in emergency restoration, fleet powering, towing, and field repairs of other vessels and habitats in Tau Ceti space. We do charge for our services, but the cost is not expensive and certainly better than slow suffocation. The Rankov is equipped with a handful of small "hopper" bluespace drives, not unlike those found on shuttles, and has a supermatter core. Generally this is run at very low power (0-4 emitter hits) unless the Rankov is "jump starting" another ship or station. The Rankov is lightly armed, but quite agile for a ship of its size and type. It has a high-end bluespace "chaff" system recently installed for evading warheads. IOV Rankov is registered with the Sol Alliance and Nanotrasen.




The Rankov has a maximum compliment of eight crew, and can be operated by as few as two. (At least one must be a supermatter-trained engineer, and at least one trained pilot). While more can come aboard, there simply aren't enough bunks nor enough space on the corvette for more to stay in the long term.

Historically the Rankov's crew has been predominantly off-duty engineers, though some civilians and doctors have been in residence there as well. Nasir does not normally charge rent to crew, so long as they are willing to work when the Rankov has a job.

Affiliates of the IOV Rankov

Current Crew Manifest

1. Owner, Engineer - Nasir Khayyam

2. Primary Pilot - Rash'hed Khayyam-Eil

3. Engineering - Aquila (IPC)

4. Security Specialist - Katana (IPC)

5. Engineering - Haligan (IPC)

6. Atmospheric Specialist - Rafael Morris (Human)



Affiliates and regular visitors

1. Nasir Ha'kim - Honorary crew member.

2. Sirasairot Uaekis - Honorary crew member

3. Leah Connerly - Honorary crew member

4. Ana Ro'hit'tin - Honorary crew member

5. Fai Sinsa - Friend

6. Travis Davis - Friend

7. Dmytro Koschoviy - Friend


1. Elena Raschnikova (33% Profit Shares)

Reoccurring Contracts

1. Houssam Jawdat - Cargo Hauling Contract. (Biesel, Tau Ceti - Europa, Jupiter)



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Personal Audio Message

to Nasir Khayyam from Elena Raschnikova

Greetings, it is a fine ship you have, mister Khayyam, it would be a shame if something were to happen to it. I personally wish to prevent that and earn money in doing so. And no, sadly, I have no time to join your crew even though I have ten years of service as a deck officer on an armed vessel. I however, am also a company owner and an investor, so I know the problems private vessels and companies face. I would be interested to invest in improvement of your ship, or simply cover your ass if you ever need funds drawn quickly. I have no interest in managing your ship, as your personal reputation alone is guarantees a return of investment over time.

So, give me a call if you're interested. Ohh... and could you please film the inside of the ship and send it to me, my ten year old son loves ships and everything related to space. I would consider it a personal favor.

Farewell and good luck.

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Personal Audio Message

to Elena Raschnikova from Nasir Khayyam

Greet Elena! He admits he is slight worried about this sectorr of Tau Ceti. Lots business late, but also morre risk than he is used too! Just last night he had rrespond to a SoS call from shuttle off-courrse. Is why he takes so long to reply, apologies for!

Admits he is interrest in some upgrades, especially to security systems! Reporrts of piracy rising have him worried, point defense systems would be very nice for use while rrunning. Would need person familiar with them too, though. Perrhaps we should meet some shift and talk details? A slow shift at worrk might be good? If not, he knows a nice restaurant on Odin named "Great Wok", sells very nice, spicy human foods. Chinese he thinks is? Big fan of theirr General's chicken.

He would be happy to record some parrts of his ship interior. He can't record the reactor or location of atmospheric systems for safety and securrity reasons, but the rest should be okay yes? Be warned, his husband might be caught singing in background while flying us. Big fan of old, old human songs. Trravolta and otherr ancient artists: "One that he wants, you are one he wants... woo hoo hoo! Honey~" If not minding hear that, probably, he can send file over in day or two!

Talks soon! Be safe!

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Personal Audio Message

to Nasir Khayyam from Elena Raschnikova

*laughs* ... a singing Tajaran and classical songs are just the type of cultural enrichment I prefer to provide my children. Go ahead!

And yes, mister Khayyam, just contact me anytime during shift when it appears we both have time. I don't spend much time on Odin however, when I do, I'm usually too busy.

See you soon.

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To the Captain and/or Owner of the IOV Rankov,

My name is Katrina Silvers. I'm the director and co-founder of the KATANA AI project, a team working on developing and improving on and Artificial Intelligence system focused on ensuring the well being and safety of the crew and vessel it's assigned to. We've noticed your roster lacks anyone from the security field, and we'd like to extend an offer to fill that position. Katana, the AI system we've developed, has agreed to work with you and your crew with her IPC chassis, as a pAI, or a ship AI if the Rankov supports one.

Katana has worked aboard the NSS Aurora for some time now, which I'm aware you have worked aboard yourself. She has served the crew as the station's AI, a security department IPC, and as a personal AI device for various crew members including the captain and head of security. I have heard only good things about her when performing routine evaluations and reviews of her performance aboard the station, and I'm certain you can ask around to get a good idea of how she operates and performs her duties.

Before you make a final decision on this, however, I need to stress one thing. Katana is a free AI. She has been granted an IPC chassis, and a salary by the Project Board, and she assumes the above station and ship roles willingly as a job. She is not to be considered a tool that can be used, abused, and forgotten, but as another member of the crew. After a rather nasty experience with another ship, I want to make sure no harm can come to her from the crew she is supposed to be protecting.

All that aside, I have sent this message to you at her request. She seems to have a liking for Tajarran, so I do hope you'll consider our offer.


Katrina Silvers

KATANA Project Director

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To Dr. Katrina Silvers

Greetings! His name is Nasir Khayyam, owner and captain of the IOV Rankov. He received your fax, and finds it interesting!

As you have looked at our manifest, you are certainly aware that he has an IPC chassis, Miss Aquila, on-board already. He would be strongly offended by anyone that considers a synthetic to be a tool to be used, abused, or forgotten, as you put it. He has known many synthetics in his time and he is proud to consider more than a few of them friends. There is no worry, should Katana wish to work with us, he would treat her as he would any other tajaran or human crew. Excepting, of course, her own specific vulnerabilities to overheating and electromagnetic damage.

He feels it would be best for Katana to speak with him in person, regarding the specifics of any arrangement. He is currently looking into upgrading the Rankov's security systems, and having a specialist on-board for the installation would be ideal! He will forward his schedule for the next week along with this message. He looks forward to hearing from her!

Be safe,

Nasir Khyyam,

IOV Rankov, Owner

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To Captain Khayyam,

That's good to hear, and alleviates the concerns I had with this potential deployment. You might be able to run into Katana while on duty aboard the Aurora, but I'll also have a specilialized pAI device sent to you, which you can use to communicate with Katana, or even download her temporarily to be used as a personal assistant if she's not physically present as an IPC.


Katrina Silvers

KATANA Project Director

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LOGIN>Bryce Faust

PASSWORD> ***********




Good day, Nasir. My name's Bryce Faust, I'm a detective aboard the NSS Aurora looking for some easy cash. If you're in need for someone to do some heavy lifting and Security work, please ring up. I'm just wondering if you could pass some more information on the hours the ship will be running? Pay too, I've got some medical treatment I don't wanna fall behind on. That'll be great.

Past work experience:


  • Guard - Red bandit Casino

    Detective - Eridani military

    Security officer - NSS Antlia

    Detective - NSS Aurora

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Captain Khayyam.

My name is Robert Dalton. I'd.. like to invest in your operation. I'm a Military Operative, and Security specialist. I've worked on the NSS Aurora as a Head of Security, as well as several independent contracts. I hope to hear back from you.

Robert Out.



Greetings Captain Khayyam.

I've reviewed the manifest on your ship, and notice that you do not have any medical personnel on board your vessel. This is a dangerous game you play, and I'd like to see to it that you don't have any wounded personnel that go untreated. My name is Shiela Maldin, I'm a practicing Chief Medical Officer of the NSS Aurora, and have operated in many different station and ground based installations. I am trained in all forms of Medicine. Whether it be pharmaceuticals, or genetics. However, I am most fluent at Surgery and field first-aid.

Please, do respond as soon as you are able.

Shiela Maldin.

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Outgoing Transmissions


Dear Bryce Faust and Sheila Maldin

He is very glad to hear from both of you, thank you for your consideration in his business. As you are sure to be aware, the bulk of his work is performed with his resident staff, however he does have regular calls in-system as well as a more long-term contract coming up soon. From the contents of your transmission, he assumes both of you are interested in contract work? If so, he believes he has an opportunity that may interest both of you in the very near future. He will CC you in on the details in a following message.

Nasir Khayyam



Audio Message

to All affiliates of the IOV Rankov AND potentially interested parties from Rash'hed Khayyam-Eil

REHEHEHEHE! He found it! He found it! Come everyone, therre is a HUGE ship just sitting out therre! AND IT IS OURS! All we are needing to do is load up on drrills and BREAK IT INTO SCRRAP FOR OURSELVES! We arrre rrich! rrrrrrii-

[Muffled thumping and banging is heard]

[cough] This thing is on? Right. This is Nasir. He has a big salvage job coming up and he is putting out a call to all affiliates of the Rankov to help us -

["-going to dress down that ship like he does YOU everry night!"]

-with the operration. We have firrst right of salvage legally, so he expects things to go smoothly. However, the ship had no transponderr so he would like some security and medical crew there while we work in case dangerous are nearby-

["He is GOING TO DRILL THE FLOORS SO HARRD they will be spinning forr weeks!"]

-anyway, message him if you are interested in coming. For payment he is offering shares of the salvage money and salvage crew can keep anything they can carry. See you then!

["-Why can't he send the message? It was his find!"

"Because you never make them right!"

"Rash'hed is going to be punishing you for that tonight~"

"...crap, he forgot to turn off the radio."




-Oh my!


It means I'm going to be hosting a short, sweet one-shot D20 session based loosely on the Aurora setting! Nasir is looking for people to help him run a short salvage op! Currently I'm looking for between 3-5 folks, with a preference for Rankov associates (but anyone that really wants to join in can!) to join us in a little romp on a mystery ship! The goal is loot salvage!


Just reply to the message in the thread, stating your IC interest and get me your Skype or steam IDs. This message was sent to anyone who is affiliated with the Rankov, as well as a few major temp agencies. Plenty of ways to jump in on the fun and try a fun, short little game. I'll be more than happy to help folks get characters set up, especially since we'll be using a modified d20 system.


I use Roll 20 for my online tabletops. It's free, easy to use, and quite fun.


I am currently aiming for next week, Thursday 05MAR2015, at 7:00pm EST.


That is fine! Nasir probably won't show much in the game either, since I'm running it! Anyone not participating will have, at most, a cameo or two. There's always plenty of other work to do on a ship. I'm certain we can find a fair excuse!


I'm leaving that up to the participants to decide if they want the events in this game to be canon for their characters or not. However I'd prefer to keep it myself, as it leaves a lot of on-server RP opportunities and possible conversations. Do understand if you do something truly off the wall, like try to hijack the ship or murder someone else's character I and others will probably take a bit of offense to it, nor will I necessarily pull punches if someone decides they want to be a dick.


I've been tossing around a few ideas on a piratepad about various classes, feats, items, and skills. Feel free to have a look and comment!


GM - Jamini

Slot 1 - Ikmachek (Rash'hed Khayyam) - Miner

Slot 2 - Sue (Ana Roh'hi'tin) - Officer/Investigator

Slot 3 - qwerty123 (Anders Stanforth) - Medic

Slot 4 - Nightmare (Nasir Ha'kim) - Engineer

Slot 5 - Galenus (Qasir Alfarsi) - Scientist/Commander

Slot 6

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((Jamini, are you a Subscriber on Roll20? If not, then I am happy to let you use mine, for the extra features, (Provided you don't touch my other campaigns of course :) ), I also have all the DnD 5th core books, the 4th DMG and Psionics Supplement, and the Challenger RPG PDF (Not the best, but good for inspiration and ideas), which has a cat-person race, a robot race, and all sorts of things.))

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Audio Message wrote:

From Rash'hed Khayyam-Eil

To: All Affiliates

This iiiiiis being Rash'hed, you are knowing him, yes? Lover-Nasir had contact list and he is ..../needed/ to use for reason. He assumes are good friend if are on! Which is why this is favor!

,..Nasir is taken, by a someones. While he is not throughlly, fully sure yhe why's, he is throughlly, fully /sure/ he wants the happiness of his life back and .../Signpost/ made out of those responsible.

This is meaning come if wanting violent times and not caring about getting hurt. This is mean bring weapon! This is mean... Bad, bad times for someone.

He is willing to pay literally an anything, but there are two conditions...

-Nasir is toppest priority.

-Whooooever is think this is good idea, is to be left to Rash'hed.

No exceptions, be there or be showing real colors when good friend is at risk.


((Hey folks! In light of a recent, slightly cut short nuke round, I'm going to be hosting another meta-event!

Khayyam is missing, Abducted by persons unknown! Throughout the week I will be playing a few of my less-known characters who are looking into this issue, eventually culminating with a Roll20 one-off.

If you are interested in participating, or have information on the abduction, post it here! Better hurry though, whoever took Nasir meant business! In all, this mini-metaevent should last a week or so!

Good luck, happy hunting!))

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Update 23MAR2457

-Two days prior to the shift of the abduction, a falsified directive was sent by central command ordering the employment of all Tajaran employees terminated. The directive was found false. -Anonymous

-Significant damage had been sustained by the aurora, especially to telecommunications. Khayyam had brought up a backup array shortly before his disappearance. Telecommunications is a rare, and valuable, skill for any crew-member to have.

-Khayyam was carrying a GPS tracker at the time of his abduction. The response team followed the tracker until it reached sector 2 of Tau Ceti Space, where the trail went cold

-Khayyam has many, many co-workers and friends on the Aurora, especially in engineering

-No motive has been found thus far for the abduction

-A manifest of recent jobs performed by the Rankov has been given to Odin security!


Update 24MAr2457

-Sector 2, a segment of local space that encompasses Beisel, is bluespace locked and impossible to teleport into and out of. Nanotrasen has refused to fund attempts to configure the teleporter to reach into the locked zones, but has permitted a GPS device be modified to receive signals from that area.

-This modification has drastically reduced the accuracy of the device in question.

-Confirmation that Khayyam's transponder has been aquired. He is somewhere on the planet, though we don't know where specifically.

-Shuttles sporting Nanotrasen colors have been spotted doing unscheduled overflights of rural areas of the planet in search patterns.

-Clarke, the Odin investigator representing the missing persons case, has been delayed from reporting in this morning by four hours due to a record mishap. Alexia West, her partner, has not heard from her since late on the 23rd.

-A message has been sent by Rash'hed Khayyam-Eil to Rankov affiliates.


Sign-Ups for One-shot tabletop!

1. (Chargen Complete) the_furry/Lingga - Travis Davis

2. Nandabun - Alexia West

3. (Chargen Complete)Ikmachek/DonofNyC3 - Rash'hed Khayyam-Eil

4. (Chargen Complete)Nightmare - Nasir Ha'kim

5. (Chargen Complete)SoundScopes - Fai Sinsa

6.Jackboot - Sirasairot Uaekis

7. (Chargen Complete) Ejundersc0re - Leah Conally

8. Hackie - Bryce Faust

9.(Chargen Complete) Suethecake - Ana Ro'hi'tin

GM - Jamini

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Personal Audio Message

to Nasir Khayyam from Dmytro Koschoviy

Hello my friend, seems that you have great ship builded/owned. I would like to join to your ship as an engineer. Also i have notice that there is Aquila onboard i am glad that there would be a lot of my friends onboard of your ship. Please check my message and reply to it when you will be free to. I hope that I will join to your crew

Your friend Dmytro Koschoviy

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Sirasairot Uaekis is looking for assistance in finding Nasir, because he feels having lost Nasir in the way he did is extremely dishonourable. He's bound to get him out of captivity; losing your commander to the enemy is a disgrace.

Buthaynah Jawdat was approached and Jawdat/Bryce Private Investigations is looking for him as well.

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