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[Accepted]Diggiez's Dionae Whitelist Application (Oh God Not The Trees)

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BYOND Key: diggiez

Character Names: Josuke Houstani, Jyar'Qoin Abuii, Oraa Nul'kyx, Ron Roids, [about 5 drones here], Ka'Akaix'Wxkrii C'thur, Ka'Akaix'Tunz K'lax, HEPH-MOVER 345

Species you are applying to play: Dionaea

What color do you plan on making your first alien character: exempt for now

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: This was actually the first lorepage I read, unironically, before anything even human, I read about the trees

Why do you wish to play this specific race:  I've always wanted to play this species, literally from when I first saw them as an option. I wanted to play as them, my first goddamn forum post here was a dionae application. I like the concept of a species who bundle together to form cluster-organisms because there's a lot of small fluff things you can do with it- is there someone who tries to be a leader in it? Is every single decision in there democratic from what letter they write on a paper to how they water themselves?

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

Dionae are entirely different from humans in mindset and mechanics. They have no real government or anything, and have been found in a bunch of different parts of the galaxy. They're also unique in the fact that they can be your pet, then your literal friend, and then a planet in its entire lifespan. The dionae crew encounter on the Aurora are more-than-likely gestalts, made of about six nymphs; these gestalts and how they act are the embodied unity of the nymphs that make them up. Their actions are each a consensus among each other and if even one nymph feels uncomfortable, the gestalt becomes chaotic and broken and might take longer to do things because of in-gestalt bicker.


Character Name: Whom Ventures As We Record

Please provide a short backstory for this character

Grown and kept as a pet in Mendell City, Whom Ventures Never was typically restricted to the apartment its owner lived in. The nymph had just the knowledge of Ceti Basic and a vague understanding of fruits, but was kept intrigued with television and newspapers. From the news, it heard sensationalist stories that entertained the animal like fiction and from the papers, it learned about statistics, the world of science, and other species.


Having literally growing up with, and almost only, the media, the nymph began to desire making what it loved most. It would practice small songs, mimicking broadcasts heard before, but as its owner would note, these songs meant nothing if it had nothing to go off, no real experience with the world. It would become a goal for the nymph, so it ate and used all the biomass it would store to make more nymphs to assist in its plans. With each new nymph, the original Whom Ventures Never (which had now renamed itself to Head Editor, as it had the most 'experience' with media) saw each new nymph as a helper to a grand studio. They named themselves like they were parts of a news company and when there was a proper gestalt formed, the gestalt adopted a moniker that noted them all:  Whom Ventures As We Record, referencing the fact that one of them would often run around, looking for things to report as the gestalt wrote it on paper, like a journalist.


Each nymph marks an aspect of the media the original nymph loved, and they all took a different part of the harmonic body that would form when all united. These are the names of the nymphs and what they marked:

Head Editor (Head), Eye That Is Also Camera (Chest), Whom Ventures of Drama and Passion (Sensationalist Left Grasper), Whom Ventures of Logic and Grace (Ethical Journalist Right Grasper), Left News Van (feet), Right News Van (feet)


What do you like about this character? I like the strange innocence of this gestalt. All of the nymphs came from Head Editor and were all brought into the world it knew and told about the wonders and ambitions it thought were so cool and important. I also think this will make Journalist not boring (it can be boring already, and it'll be harder to get interaction as a hard-to-fully-relate-to tree alien) given that (literally), on one hand, the gestalt might write a super sensationalist article about antag events, rallying up different emotions in the crew...but it can also just do a normal, factual and ethical piece.


How would you rate your roleplaying ability? In comparison to my past self for when I first applied? Infinitely better. In a general sense? Average, because I don't know how to rate myself any differently without feeling like it's some dumb flex.


Notes: Well, haven't I come full circle? Start with dionae, get rejected, go through squid, bug, and fucking robot, and now I'm back where I started.


ok so I want to thank sleepy for existing because if I never saw those drawings, I would have never remembered what made me initially want to get whitelisted for trees all that time ago. And the ideas I read gave me the concept for this gestalt that is orderly, yet disjointed.

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Wxkrii is a joy to be in the same round with and strikes a good balance of fucking hating Zo'ra and being receptive. I feel they can do Diona well +1

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very good, very enjoyable! i love it so much. the news vans are SO CUTE. i know you'll do a good job roleplaying, and my input on this app is +1, you've got it down. i might be biased, you made me blush.

i'll wait for yonni to get to this :uwu:

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AAAAAAAAAAAAA. I love this doona. Diggiez, you're a great roleplayer, and dionae are finally getting some love, so I hope you get this whitelist and show people how fun these guys can be.

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