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"Wat" Mechanics

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In short, just post silly mechanical things in the game that probably shouldn't be.


  • Infections from laser burns that kill you after 20 minutes of not receiving treatment, apparently
  • Getting fat off of two pizza slices
  • Using a fire extinguisher while buckled in a wheel/office chair propels you in the opposite direction that you expelled water from at super high speed

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My favourite WAT mechanic I discovered when I first made Michael Tool the one armed Hop, he can't be handcuffed at all. So when he gets robusted(a very rare occurrence) people try to handcuff him and it fails miserably then they're surprised when he gets back up. XD also this leads to Michael being executed for more than you would think

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That you can get shocked by the containment field, go hurtling out into space at god knows how fast, hit the side of the mining asteroid, and come out of the whole thing with no damaged suit, no broken bones, no damaged organs, no concussions, and only a burnt robotic hand and a bruised ego.

Seriously, WAT

this, actually, is a recent change. the containment field used to ruin your day if you touched it, like instant paincrit and if you hit the asteroid you'd probably die before help actually found you due to huge burns. I also think it fried sythetic body parts?

but yeah its so much safer now

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Stepping on glass barefoot and getting no cuts, but rather a bruise. Fucking, WAT


You get cuts and bleed if you step on them enough. Hell, if you get really "lucky" they can break bones.

I recall back when Taj didn't spawn with sandals getting ZASed across a pile of 15-20 glass shards four or five times in a row. Nasir's poor feet...

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