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Regarding the Bridge - Plans for a redesign


<t>Which option for the bridge redesign would you prefer? Explanations down below</t>  

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Yesterday, I was following someone's advice on trying to manage the bridge issue. Namely, the one with the desks not actually being desks. Well, I made a few mistakes with that decision, and ended up breaking things. Unfortunate, but so be it. This raises an issue. My fix for the bridge is a rather rapid one, consider it a coder using a placeholder that he came up with. It's practical, works, but may not be the best for the long run. So. We have a bit of a decision before us.

Note that the map is due for a large scale overhaul at this time regardless. As I am looking to have a more organized and less headache inducing atmospherics pipe network (courtesy of Baystation's bundled piping setup). With a modification this large in scale already planned, it sees pragmatic to kill two birds with one stone, and assess the bridge/AI core issue as well. Having discussed it with Witt, we have 4 rough ideas to choose from. The selection and discussion here will lay the basis for the actual work to be conducted.

So, here are the options.

Option 1

Keep the AI and Bridge centralized, as they are at this time, and perhaps provide a more fluid structure to the set. One that also ensures in the AI being safer than it currently is. Most likely, this will mean a slight expansion of the areas concerned, so that we may return to the TGstation2 style setup, where the AI is enveloped by the bridge on all sides, minus entry. This should also result in the currently cramped areas, such as the HoP's office and the Meeting Room, have more space allocated to them, so that they may function better. This will be closest to the present status quo.

Option 2

Separate the AI and Bridge, as it is on the new /TG/ map. This will mean cutting down on the space allocated to the bridge, so that the issue with Witt's presently proposed bridge design (too much space to make use of) may be remedied. It will also mean that the AI core will be attached as a satellite to the station. Bringing with it a good load of gameflow changes. For further information regarding this specific design, I'll say that the core will most likely end up being an equal distance away from Security and Engineering, having meteor shields (which will need to get replaced, as shattered, something for Engineering to do), and potentially a rapid transit system to it (please don't hold your breath for this one, but we'll try our best!).

Option 3

Reshuffle the present map design. This is an idea presented by Wittly, and will require the most amount of work and time. It will also bring with it the most bugs and issues. However, the basic premise of this idea is to: move the Bridge and AI core to the fore, where Security presently is, move Security to where the Civilian Department presently is, and move the Civilian Department to the centre, where the Bridge and AI core were. This change would have the largest impact on the game flow (and that effect cannot be determined until the bullet is bitten, and choice made), changing anything from security presence and response time, to how quickly and effectively the bridge can get cut off from the rest of the station, by the cirtue of a long hall.

Those are our options. Poll's up top right. If you have any questions about the vision for each option, feel free to contact myself, Wittly, or to post a question in this thread! Please, please review all ideas before making a choice, and maybe join in on the discussion below if you're uncertain. Beyond that, vote to your heart's content, and let's see what we can do with this situation!

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I love the idea of option three, I was quite surprised with sec not being in the middle, surely that would create the quickest response time for security? I know that's not what's the most important thing just curious as to why option three is the way it was thought about?

The issue with having security in the middle is that....well, it's supposed to be secure. It's a civilian station, therefore security should be tucked away in a secluded area. Also, seeing as security tends to be the biggest target for nuke ops and people who hate 'da waw', it tends to be bombed a lot. A LOT. Therefore, sticking said big target in the middle of your nice floating tub isn't the best idea, both ICly and OOCly. One bomb, or more likely two or so, and you completely cripple access through the middle of the station.

Sure, faster response times, but we're just trying to make their jobs easier at this point, which we shouldn't.

Security is a department that could quite possibly be called the most challenging of them all, because of the variety of scenarios that have to be addressed. One of these is response time. If you can be down there in literally three seconds, the antagonist doesn't have the ability to make an escape because he gets lolfucked over by security.

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OK, The whole security can't be near the center of the station due to bombings thing is actually kinda silly; because A. we don't actually have nearly as many as you seem to think, B. I have seen a one tile breach vent the entire station due to IWCs (idiots with crowbars) and beepsky, C. it will create a host of new RP mechanics having the sec area more centralized.

I honestly don't care which one you guys choose, mostly since I have to map it either way, but honestly Option three is the one that will help us sand out more; And afterall isn't that a good thing.

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Also, as a personal note, I am slightly against option 3. It would cause multiple months of gameplay balancing for trying to fix something that isn't broke, while also trying to fix something that is broke. In my mind, the rest of the station works fine, just that the bridge and AI core have a bit of a situation that needs to be tended to. That can be done, easily enough, with options 1 or 2.

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Option three says to move security to where the civilian department is. Isn't the civ department the chapel, library, kitchen, bar and cargo? The first four encompass an entire hallway just about, and cargo is on the side of the station. How would security fit there?

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Given how pretty balanced the votes are at the moment, and given how they could change at any given moment, it might be best to think about nixing some details for the options that are generally quite detrimental about either of the vote options and combine the general strengths together for a more focused and compromising outcome.

Yes, compromise is shitty because you have to please everyone and it takes forever to work towards doing that without someone complaining along the way.

But even if there's a little bit of blending, it might be worthwhile to look into.

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As a note, as people be being people, anyone with half a brain will find the current Security placement far easier to antag. Having space on every side except the south allows antags to easily bomb their way in, whilst causing anyone inside to die like the pigs that they are die of lack of oxygen, means that less people are aware of what is even occurring inside Security.

Honestly, I'd like Sec to be somewhere NEAR things, and have the head stuff away from the general area, due to them being better then you civvie scums needing a place that doesn't leave them in public eye all the damn time.

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To my knowledge, It's being held up by code that needs to be written.

This is probably not the place to ask but. Is it more code fix's or are they writing whole new code for a land based map. (Like how floor tiles shouldn't vent a whole room when broken.)

I've also voted. Don't push your self's to hard and if you's feel 3 isn't the right answer I'm fine with it.

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To my knowledge, It's being held up by code that needs to be written.

This is probably not the place to ask but. Is it more code fix's or are they writing whole new code for a land based map. (Like how floor tiles shouldn't vent a whole room when broken.)


The new map is frozen until the summer, effectively. I'm getting swamped with life and work here, and I don't want to shove it onto Soundscopes, at which point he'd have to hold the project lead up himself. So yeah, don't worry about that for now, it's effectively irrelevant.

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If option 3 win's please keep in mind one think when moving everything.

Keep the IAA office size and window's.

I just played a round as IAA and had rearranged the office so I was working face's that big window and I think it helped people interact with me and remember I was there. So I could help them.

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I hate to repeat my question, but since it looks like three is the over dog right now, how security be handled? Will the chapel, bar, etc be moved, and just have security take up the escape hallway, and just leave cargo, or will cargo be moved to, and just have some kind of weird security outcropping where cargo is now?

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So, I've been working with Witt on the redesign as moving departments needs to be done before we add atmos into the map.

Right now we have two variations of the civilian sector being looked at (in the place where the bridge used to be). One keeps the central ring intact, the other will require a bit more work.

With the ring: http://i.imgur.com/iEkow6j.png

Without the ring: http://i.imgur.com/dS2r3CM.png

I need to know which one folks would prefer. As well as any comments on layout.


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