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Another in my series of pointless questions in this thread:

How does your home area look like? Anything interesting site of note nearby? A monument? Famous location? Climate? Etc.



I'll start off, I live in Osijek, eastern part of Croatia. A small city of some 100,000 people which is currently suffering from mass emmigration, mostly to Ireland, where our community is already numerous. It's estimated that in the last decade, some 10,000 people have left the town... too lazy to look for a source.

The town contains a roman fort that has been built on and rebuilt so many times, that there is an entire branch of history around it. At one point, even the Ottomans held it.

A few miles from the town, there are mine-infested forests and swamps, which are now a natural park. Aparantly, most of the mines are actually artiliary shells from the war, which, upon hitting the wet mud and sand, got stuck there, unexploded. It's not a problem as long as you don't stray from the paths, so don't actually remember anyone dying from mines last several years. During spring and summer, the place is so serene that it is now a well known biking trail. Just... make sure you're home before dusk, because misquitos will eat you alive.

Also, we have a whole lot of nuclear bunkers and bomb shelters around the town. All hail communist paranoia! They were actually of use during the war. These are now turned into night clubs and other fun locations. I used to run around in them as a kid, sometimes, we found condoms and other crap (sometimes literal crap).

Climate goes from very cold to very hot. We also have a river you can bathe in. Rumour has it that there is a giant man eating catfish in it. Also, we piss in it so that romanians can bathe. You know... gypsy jokes? Ehh....

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Haifa, Israel. Around a million people or so. Mostly Jews, but there's 4% Muslims (like myself).

Pretty ancient city, originally was Sycaminum, then Efa, and then continued to grow until recently. It's been involved in the crusades, controlled by the Ottomans, been under a British Mandate and finally under Israeli control.

We've had suicide attacks, specifically at the Maxim and Matza restaurants, bus stations and a bunch of other places, we were rocketed by Hezbollah too during the early 2000's. Iron dome really has taken care of that recently though.

It generally stays a nice temperature outside, rather pleasant to me actually. And there's a nice degree of nature nearby, Though there's new development planned throughout the city, which I dunno how I feel about.

Overall, I like it. Tis a nice place.

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I live in southwest Florida, in the good old USA. More specifically, Lee county. I won't tell you exactly which city, however. That's reserved for the people who will buy a plane ticket to stalk me to my home.

Anyway, it's a nice enough place. It's hot and humid as hell most of the time, but that's okay, since I can't stand dry and/or cold climates. The whole area used to be a swamp until some crazy bastards decided to start dredging canals and turn the area north of the Caloosahatchee river into the world's largest retirement village. But that's okay, lots of old people also means lots of war vets, and I have bought many an antique firearm from gentlemen such as those. There's also a lot of gun shops in easy reach of where I live, and I like that too.

I'm within driving distance of the beaches, though I hardly ever leave my home so I wouldn't really know what they look like. Huehuehue.



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Does my local airfield count?

I live near to Ex-HMS Daedalus, used to be a Royal Navy Air Station and RAF Station between 1917 and 1996. Now its one of very few General Aviation airfields/aerodromes in South England with a concrete/tarmac runways. Any others in the "local area" are grass runways.

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I live in Shropshire, England. I live in Ironbridge specifically, of course the most famous landmark here is the Iron bridge, other landmarks around include some of Thomas Telford's stuff.

Oh one tiny factoid, I was born in the same place as Charles Darwin. Yey for British history!!!

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This is where I currently live, Missisagua, Ontario 713,443 people live there, 53% White, Our two biggest towers look like your on crack.


Originally from here, Trieste, Fruili-Venezia-Giulia, Italy 205,535 people live there, Italy reconquered it in WW1, It was occupied by Americans following WW2, Got split in half by those Terrorist Partisans from Yugoslavia (Yuck)

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I'm from Tel Aviv, Israel.

Tel Aviv's big modern beach city, and probably the biggest surprise to people who think of Israel as a strict, religious desert landscape.

Voted #1 top Gay Tourism destination in the world, #9 best city in the world to live in, and is a UNESCO site for the city with most Bauhaus-construction-style buildings.

Pop: 414,600

It's far enough away form the borders to stay far away from the war and turmoil usually, however, during the past two wars, missiles HAVE been fired at it. None have hit or done any dmaage though, thanks to Israel's Anti-missile defense system, as a result life in Tel Aviv went on pretty much as normal.

It's home to the world's second largest bus station (and by far one of the world's most clusterf***iest buildings. It's a concrete labrynth that looks like it was designed by MC Escher)

Picture I Took:


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