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What would happen if your own characters met?

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Title says it all. What would happen if, say, Meow's 20 bald characters all met and bumped glasses?

Just as an example, anyway. For me, I think if Talia and Vira were to meet, there would be some serious personality clashing, as well as a bit of tooth and claw being drawn over differing ideals.

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I've actually written a short story on two of my characters meeting once. It ended with confrontation. In fact, most of my character think the others are jerks.

Nasir and Edwin

- Both of them have backgrounds with toxic gasses

- Edwin has a history of blowing things up. Nasir is an engineer.

- Edwin has actively tortured an AI as part of an experiment. Many of Nasir's friends are synthetics.

- Edwin is afraid/nervous about most Xenos, though Tajaran are the ones he is least afraid of.

Nasir and Omnir

- Nasir dislikes physical contact, Omnir has a tendency to hug people even if he has just met them

- Nasir strongly dislikes Omnir's propensity to steal.

- Omnir doesn't really particularly like people in positions of power.

- Omnir, having met Nasir in a bit of writing I've done including both of them, has outright stated that he thinks Nasir is a "Big Butthead" and a "Jerk Engineer"

Omnir and Edwin

- Edwin is sickly, Omnir is a doctor (in training)

- Once again, Edwin is afraid of/ignorant about most Xenos, even though Taj are the least fear-inducing.

- Both of them enjoy pranks.

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Tony and Elena

-They would just say 'hello' and stare at each other awkwardly waiting for either to respond, before continuing to work.

-Both are self-inserts and I'm a quiet introvert type. Ohh joy.

-If they were actually able to break ice and start a coversation, they would find common ground in their past military experience and respect for discipline.

Elena and Aquites

-Aquites would make a sexist remark at Elena and get fired.

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Solid Bryce Faust and Liquid Bryce Faust

- They would look incredibly similar

- Liquid would be a passive aggressive buttface

- Solid would be nice

- Eventually they would do a contest for who's better at what

- This ends up in a wild west duel

- Then the real detective would come to to ask why there are two clones and why both of them have revolvers

- It ends in a three way shoot out

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I actually have a couple characters here and there that do know eachother ICly for one reason or another

Ziva Mo'Taki and Rasine Ha'kim

Believe it or not, they actually get along well. Probably because Ziva actually knows how to take a hint and not touch/hug people that dont want it. Ziva's not a drinking buddy, but the two harass Nasir alot I imagine :P

Katana and Kunai

Since they're both developed by the same people, it makes sense that Katana and Kunai would be familiar with eachother. Still working out Kunai's quirks/personality so not much else to say here xD

And now for ones that would have interesting stories if they met...

Miraj Zi'Ad and Rasine Ha'kim

Honestly, I can only see that ending with Miraj in the hospital and Rasine arrested for aggravated assault. Miraj is a very friendly Tajara (Self proclaimed friendliest Tajara - Although only to humans, skrell, and other Tajarra) and hugs /everyone/. Rasine is... Rasine.

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Guest Menown

There'd be about twenty balds, ten english girls, four Tajara, three Unathi, seven trees, two Asians, seven skrell, one guy, and a fuck load of people nodding, sighing, and glancing.

There's no room anywhere that can hold that many/I'd like to destroy for the sole purpose of having my massive collection of characters I never play put in one area.

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Dandy and Alisa would be get along well, but in the back of her head Alisa would probably be questioning all of Dandy's life choices.

Miracle and Jackson would probably get shitfaced together and either start a fist fight or make out.

Alisa, Miracle and Damon already all know each other.

Ajmal and Heinrich would probably get along, share notes on some of the experiments they held on the station.

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Cristof and Janet are already acquainted with each other, and would end up ignoring each other.

Aaron would flirt with all of my female characters.

April would try to convince everyone to partake in an orgy. Upon failing, she'd settle for Aaron's offer of a quickie in the broom closet, during which she would extract information out of him to use as blackmail material.

Janet might strike up a conversation about literature with Versha, who would be in turn talking about everyone behind their backs in warble-warble language.

Glitchy and Alura would stand off to the side and debate theology.

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Leonin Smythe would bust open the armory, toss two laser rifles to Sarge, and snap off a proud salute.

Sarge, screen graphic grinning, would hand one rifle to Peter Thrushwood, before allowing Pete to climb onto his back. He would then run through the station, Peter piggybacking, and the two would fire indiscriminately at COMMIES and generally unpleasant people.

Meanwhile, Roran Coupe hides in the bathroom crying. Isaiah Coleson would sip tea in the chapel before dying in the crossfire.

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I've been thinking about this kind of stuff for way too long.

I imagine my surgeon (Robert Hoffman) and xenobiologist (Luta Yut) know each other quite well if only because Luta has to go to the medbay at least once a shift to get something fixed. Robert was rather annoyed by it at first, but he understands that injuries are pretty much part of Luta's job, and they get along quite well since they're both dedicated to their work and enjoy talking about medical and scientific breakthroughs together when they get the chance.

Meanwhile, Robert and my EMT, Isabella Broomhall, have a cordial work relationship. They're both sticklers for the rules, and Isabella's good at following directions, which Robert likes to give when there's no CMO to make medical stop running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

My xenoarchaeologist, Patricia Stoddard, hates all miners on sight because they have a bad habit of destroying her dig sites. She only hates my miner, Julia Davis, slightly less because she makes a point of digging around the rocks and telling Patricia where they are. Julia's happy-go-lucky attitude grates on her, though.

Julia and my pAI/posibrain personality, B.E.B.E., get along swimmingly. They're both stupidly optimistic and perky and love helping out. I imagine that Julia downloads B.E.B.E. whenever she happens to get a pAI device.

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A few of my characters know each other, like Jade and Ananda. The most interesting meets I think I could see are...

Eira Yates/Asher meets Jade Ravera: Eira has a fit over the engine grease Jade's tracking into the medbay, Jade remains the giver of no fucks.

Ananda Santana meets Alistair Enright: Annie probably gets fired for telling Alistair he's an asshole.

Isra Alakiv meets Lukas Wright: They both combine their collective awful luck and create a bad luck singularity that devours a quarter of the Tau Ceti sector.

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Fai would break down crying because it would be the first time she had seen Ali since she died.

Runtime would try to comfort Fai.

Bluespace Cat would be trying to work out how Ali came back to life.

Lizz would be asking Bluespace Cat loads of questions about Tajarans and alien races.

Secret character 1 would be talking to secret character 2 because everyone else is distracted by everyone else.

The rest of the Bluespace family would be chatting with each other.

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Scarlet and DragonSnap (Aka Athena)

Scarlet would torture and terrorize poor little DragonSnap, likely take her apart code by code, to find the missing link needed to make Scarlet whole. Needless to say, DragonSnap would be terrified to the core of any relationship to Scarlet.

My three mains, Lori, Rose, and Karima, all have met. They went to the same college and were roommates. Lori took a big part in helping Rose move out of the gutters of New London to start a new life. Karima and Lori likely took classes together, and were there to morally support Rose when she flunked college.

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