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Character/Player Complaint - Hakura Yamazaki

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BYOND Key: Dr. Farson
Game ID: cc7-dojp
Player Byond Key/Character name: Hakura Yamazaki
Staff involved: Not Ahelped
Reason for complaint: Bad RP
Approximate Date/Time: 2021-07-19, around 6.30 PM CST

Basically, Hakura kept initiating fights with SImon kistler, another member of security, by shouting ICly racist shit, and even barged into medbay to yell while we were treating him that he should die.

Personally I believe they took it way too far, and I'm really not impressed with it. IC, simon was willing to talk it over, and meanwhile the ISD kept telling me to get out or they'd arrest me, even though I was asked by the warden to speak to Hakura about it.

Overall, I'm just very unimpressed with the behavior that round, and I'd like it looked into.

For reference I was playing my Psych character that round, Alexander Farson.

I didn't happen to record any of it, but you can ask the people who play Yhara Atiyeh, and Mariana Ortez, because they both saw it and signed my IR.

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Hi. I play Yhara, who was referenced in this report. My Ic'ly signing does not imply an OOC condemnation of Yamazaki's actions. I think what Yamazaki did was fine, given that Kistler had rolled as an antagonist. Most if not all conduct exhibited was directly a result of Kistler being an antagonist, which allowed things to progress past 'two employees have a dispute' and into actual conflict. 

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So, I was somewhat involved in this situation, albeit from a command perspective. It was described to myself by the other officers ICly that Kistler (who was an antag, mind you) had been antagonizing Hakura about their religion. This is a pretty valid avenue of approach, as Imperial Dominians and Fisanduhians do not get along in the slightest offstation. Add into that the religious tensions, and it can be pretty volatile. They eventually got into a scuffle that escalated into Kistler attempting to kill Hakura. Obviously Kistler did not succeed, and I'd find it pretty realistic for someone who just was attacked by someone who is their sworn enemy, been giving them grief the entire shift, to be wishing death upon them.

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19 hours ago, Dr. Farson said:

Personally I believe they took it way too far, and I'm really not impressed with it. IC, simon was willing to talk it over,...

To be clear about this, Kistler iniciated the fight and lost. There was over an hour of roleplay before violence broke out and it involved multiple interactions with a lot of crew that only saw part of it, which I believe may be the major issue here.

It is okay that you did not witness the entire story, but an IR is a purely IC thing, which does not apply here since Kistler was an antag, which was made clear via OOC at round end.

The reason why your character was constantly turned away may have had to do with the nature of the job as psychologist. Running into the brig and demanding to talk to someone is a surefire way to get thrown out by most officers ( not saying that you did that, just naming it as a possibility for their reaction here, as it was quite a busy round for them).

Overall, if this was ahelped, it was handled, if it was not, the parties involved deemed it fine. I saw nothing wararnting an ahelp to be honest.

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Hi. I'm commenting on this as a player, not as staff.

- All the arguments were built up throughout the round. We (Pariah and Yamazaki) only escalated after Simon pulled a revolver after an argument that had gone on throughout the shift. I'm really not sure as to why there is a suggestion of a problem here, given it was purely IC and steadily built up throughout.

- When we came to medical, you were strangely hostile and told us multiple times to leave. First with the person who stabbed himself multiple times and had shown himself to be violent, then again when Simon was brought in after we detained him. This hardly won your character points.

- You were told to leave security because, to be blunt, your character was getting incredibly annoying. Anytime anything happened, he ran over to drag his nose into what was going on. Whether that be the fight, previous arguments, or to 'remind us of our jobs' despite it being entirely out of your character's scope. So yes, by the end of the round, you were no longer listened to and instead told to leave. By which point an officer had been harassed to come with you despite refusing multiple times.

- None of this was ahelped, but instead turned into a complaint when it turned out the IR was invalid? Which seems pretty off to me, ngl. 


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After a careful review from @ShesTrying and myself we decided that no OOC action is needed in this case. Everything appears to be roleplayed out within the rules and followed appropriate escalation as we would expect.

I will add that in the future if you believe something to be a rule violation during the round it is normally in everyone's best interests if you ahelp staff then and there. Doing so on the forums can make it a longer process and won't change the punishment that would/wouldn't have been issued.

Closing this within 24 hours unless anyone has anything else to say.

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