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Why does nobody like to share things? I love seeing peoples' creations and whatnot.

I played the game for a good 60 hours when the new update came out, I can't wait until another big update comes out. I would mod but it's difficult to know which mods are actually quality mods and which are bad.

Anyway, on to sharing MY things. Well, one thing. I have a Tina Kaekel; a Floran, but that didn't feel right so I remade the character simply named Tai and that felt much more fitting. Floran, wearing woodsy stuff, uses magic, etc.

And then I have


Skyler, Motherfucking Bonelord




When I found out my ship was a ziggurat, I thought about going with the theme. Then I got my owl armor, and I found a bone hammer. Then I knew. My ship is still a work in progress, a lot of the place is still missing decorations. I also have a lot of unsorted things that I need to sort in a designated storage area. In the meantime, my ship is a god damn space tomb.

Side note. You have NO IDEA how much time I spent making my ship's background walls. Absolutely no. Idea. I probably won't finish the ship until the next major update or I have a drive to play again.

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I played a bit of a pirated version. It ran terribly on my computer, but I bore with it for about 4 hours before finally quitting. The premise seemed cool, but it's just space Terraria, which in itself got boring fast. The music is nice and calming as compared to Terraria's looping nightmare, but it only really helped me to fall asleep at my keyboard faster. Also, there's no penalty for death. The fact that you die often might make that a good thing, but the deaths are mostly just annoying battles of attrition with roaming aliens that wander their way into your shit and you get rekt.

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